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This is an open web page for people who are interested genealogy and history for the Lee Name.  If you have any stories about a Lee, or want to communicate with a Toler please Email vern@armory.com  in the future, this will be a form based web page, so you can add your stories and view them on the spot.


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This is an open web page for people who are interested genealogy and history for the HUNT Name.
If you have any stories about a HUNT or want to communicate with a Toler please Email
vern@armory.com  in the future, this will be a form based web page, so you can add your stories
and view them on the spot.

My email address is: glion@prodigy.net

Here's Jacob Lee's line as I have it entered so far into my FTM file.
Please note that not all my information is verified.  I put it in as I
receive it and some is documented and some is not.  For instance I have
Jacob Lee still alive after 1899 because I find that one of the daughters
is married at the home of Jacob Lee in 1898.  I recently found that Jacob
and Eliza Lee were in Oregon (which is probably why my g-grandfather
William Raymond Lee and family came to Oregon for a few years in the late
1800's early 1900's before returning to MN).  I don't remember what I wrote
you but I have a guardianship record for Alice V. Lee/Davidsons two sons,
and I have also ordered Jacob Lee's Civil War pension record from the
National Archives and Records Administration which might clear up the exact
number of children born to this couple etc (his son Albert R. Lee was
eligible to receive some portion of his father's pension and I have a court
record of his mother Eliza who had married Gilbert Ward (also found on a
record relating to Alice Lee/Davidson's children) as she was providing
proof that he was indeed the son of herself and Jacob Lee now deceased
(this record is dated 1903 but does not list a death date for Jacob).  I am
interested in where the death dates that you have on your file for Jacob
and Eliza Lee are from (they may be more accurate than what I have).

I have photos of William R. Lee and his wife Emma and my grandfather, their
son Leslie Ward Lee.  I don't put vital info out on persons still living or
if I do it's just that they exist without putting in particulars.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you are interested in copies of records
such as I've mentioned above.  There is a Tufts Kinsmen Association I just
ran across that might help further information on Eliza Jane Tufts who
married Jacob Lee I am checking into that also.  I'll keep you posted when
I get Jacob Lee's pension record. I am most interested in the family of
Jacob Lee and his wife and secondly both of their ancestors.


Lori Gilmore

Descendants of Jacob Lee

Generation No. 1

1.  JACOB1 LEE was born in NewBrunswick, CAN, and died Aft. 1891.  He
married ELIZABETH TUFTS.  She was born Jun-1848 in NewBrunswick, CAN*, and
died Aft. 1899.

Notes for JACOB LEE:
1920 MN Census for son lists his bp as Canada and mother tongue as English.
 First name and place of birth from William R. Lee's death certificate.

Possible records related to this person found on the internet.


This list including some bio. sketches is compiled from the "History
of Manitowoc County Wisconsin", by Louis Falge, ed. in chief. 2 vols.
Chicago: Goodspeed Hist. Assoc. 1911-12. (Repr. with index. 2 vols.
Manitowoc: Manitowoc County Gen. Soc., 1976-79.  1,138 pp.) also from
part of the county marriage index, church records, newspaper microfilm,
other family researchers, and the "History of Northern Wisconsin". It is
far from being completed. Hopefully you can find who you are looking for.

NOTE: A star by the name indicates more information is available.

Two stars indicate the information came from "History of Northern
originally published in 1881, and more information is also available.

To facilitate your search I have cross indexed the surnames.

LEE: Jacob  (also Jake)
m: Eliza Jane  (also Eliza I.)
children: Ana Jane or June (b. 22 May 1867/bapt. no date from record of St.
    John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)
  Alice Viola (b. 4 Sept. 1879/bapt. 12 Oct. 1879 from record of St.
    John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville..Jake and Eliza I.)

LEE: Jacob
m: L. June Teff
children: Emy Agnes (b. 12 Feb. 1873/bapt. 10 July 1873 from record of St.
    John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

Declarations of Intent

Immigrants were required to register their presence in the United States
by filing a declaration of intent with the government. This is a list
of people who filed from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.

The records can be viewed at the:
      Area Research Center
      Library Learning Center
      University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
      2420 Nicolet Drive
      Green Bay, WI  54301-7001

Name            Country       Birth  Port of       Date of     Date of
                    of Origin     date   Entry         Entry       Filing

David......New Brunswick...1806..Eastport,Maine..1855 Nov....1862 Nov 08
Robert........Canada.......1830..Eastport,Maine..1856 Sep....1868 Oct 27

1920 MN Census for son lists her bp as Canada and mother tongue as English.
Name and place of birth from son William R. Lee's death certificate.
Daughter Agnes Lee's death certificate lists her mother's name as Elizabeth
Tafts and her mother's bp as WI.

1900 OR Soundex lists her bd as June 1848 and bp as Maine

Children of JACOB LEE and ELIZABETH TUFTS are:
        i.      ANA JANE2 LEE, b. 22-May-1867.
2.      ii.     WILLIAM RAYMOND LEE, b. 14-Sep-1869, WI; d. 25-Jul-1936, St. Paul,
Polk Co. , MN.
        iii.    AGNES LEE, b. 12-Feb-1873, , Manitowoc Co., WI; d. 13-Jul-1926,
Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; m. JOHN LELAND, 23-Dec-1891, , Clackamas Co.,

Notes for AGNES LEE:
Bapt. rec. from WI lists an Emy Agnes Lee.  Marriage cert. says married at
the house of Jacob Lee.  Witnessed by Ward Lee.

        iv.     WARD LEE, b. Feb-1875.
3.      v.      ALICE VIOLA LEE, b. 4-Sep-1879, , Manitowoc Co., WI; d. 1903, ,
Clackamas Co., OR.
        vi.     ALBERT RAYMOND LEE, b. Apr-1885; m. ROSA BELLA BLAIR, 25-Dec-1905,
Clackamas Co., OR.

Marriage Notes for ALBERT LEE and ROSA BLAIR:
                Clackamas Co. OR rec. # 261.

Generation No. 2

2.  WILLIAM RAYMOND2 LEE (JACOB1) was born 14-Sep-1869 in WI, and died
25-Jul-1936 in St. Paul, Polk Co. , MN.  He married EMMA MCDONALD
3-Dec-1890 in , Polk Co., MN, daughter of DONALD MCDONALD and ELLEN HANNAH.
 She was born 8-Aug-1871 in Canada, and died 14-Jul-1936 in East Grand
Forks, Polk Co., MN.

>From Obit (East Grand Forks Record, Jul. 31, 1936) Lived in Fisher MN &
owned a livery business there.  Then employed by Northern Pacific (was a
yard foreman at the time of his death) living at Carthage Junction,
Crookston, and Hitterdal MN.  Buried in Marais Cemetery near Mallory MN.
Died from a kidney ailment.  From wife's obit same paper July 17, 1936 -
moved to East Grand Forks abt 1935 from Hitterdal MN. 1920 MN Census lists
his bp WI his parents bp as Canada and his and his parents' mother tongue
as English.

>From William R. Lee's Obit (East Grand Forks Record, Jul. 31, 1936).  Emma
McDonald "a pioneer of the Mallory vicinity and sister of John and Dan
McDonald of Davidson MN.  From her obit same paper July 17, 1936, "survived
by her brothers Jack and Dan McDonald"  From obit in Crookston Times July
15, 1936 "died of a paralytic stroke . . . lived in Crookston for about
five years .... moved to East Grand Forks eight years ago".  1920 MN Census
lists her parents bp's as Canada and her and her parents mother tongue as
Scottish.  Census also says that she was a naturalized citizen but unknown
as to where.  Emma's death certificate says that she's been in the U.S. for
56 years which translates into since abt 1880.

Marriage Notes for WILLIAM LEE and EMMA MCDONALD:
Marriage certificate says "married in the bride's home" .  Witnesses David
J. Geddes amd Mary E? McDonald.

Children of WILLIAM LEE and EMMA MCDONALD are:
        i.      BABY3 LEE, b. 12-Aug-1891.
4.      ii.     LESLIE WARD LEE, b. 7-Feb-1893, Oregon City, ,OR; d. 5-Oct-1952,
Spokane, Spokane Co., WA. (MY GRANDFATHER)
        iii.    CECIL EUGENE LEE, b. 20-Aug-1894; d. 6-Sep-1988.
        iv.     WILLIAM IVAN LEE, b. 31-Dec-1896.
        v.      ALICE VIOLA LEE, b. 29-Sep-1898, Fisher,, MN; d. 29-Oct-1948.
        vi.     WILLIS JACOB LEE, b. 8-Oct-1900, Crookston, , MN; d. 7-May-1971.
        vii.    HARVEY CLEMENT LEE, b. 14-Sep-1902, Fisher,, MN; d. 17-Mar-1976.
        viii.   EVELYN ELLEN LEE, b. 20-Aug-1904.
        ix.     BERNICE MARGARETE LEE, b. 26-Nov-1906.
        x.      RAYMOND BERNARD LEE, b. 26-Aug-1909, Fisher,, MN; d. 3-Mar-1971.
        xi.     CLIFFORD CHARLES LEE, b. 26-Jul-1912, Fisher,, MN; d. 21-Sep-1978.
        xii.    HELEN AGNES LEE, b. 26-Apr-1914, Fisher,, MN; d. 11-Aug-1966.
        xiii.   ELMER BUD LEE, b. 10-Apr-1917, Fisher,, MN; d. 2-Sep-1970.

3.  ALICE VIOLA2 LEE (JACOB1) was born 4-Sep-1879 in , Manitowoc Co., WI,
and died 1903 in , Clackamas Co., OR.  She married ARTHUR JOSEPH DAVIDSON
28-Mar-1898 in , Clackamas Co., OR.  He died Mar-1951 in Banks, Washington
Co., OR.

Marriage certificate says married at the house of Mrs Lee.  Witnessed by
Ward Lee

Marriage Notes for ALICE LEE and ARTHUR DAVIDSON:
Clackamas Co., OR rec. #60 ( I have a copy of this record)

Children of ALICE LEE and ARTHUR DAVIDSON are:
        i.      VERNON3 DAVIDSON, b. 1900.
        ii.     MYRON DAVIDSON, b. 1902.

Generation No. 3

4.  LESLIE WARD3 LEE (WILLIAM RAYMOND2, JACOB1) was born 7-Feb-1893 in
Oregon City, ,OR, and died 5-Oct-1952 in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA.  He
married (1) OLLIE MAE MCCANN 27-Aug-1919 in Seattle, ,WA, daughter of JOHN
MCCANN and NORA SMITH.  She was born 14-Dec-1895 in Centerville, WA, and
died 1-Feb-1931 in Odessa, Lincoln Co., WA.  He married (2) ZELLA V. GREEN
9-Jun-1932 in Burns, , Oregon, daughter of SYDNEY GREEN and AMELIA DAMON.
She was born 27-Aug-1903 in Mt. Vernon, , Oregon, and died 1995 in Spokane,
Spokane Co., Washington.

Notes for ZELLA V. GREEN:
Had brothers or uncles Lyle Green and Curtis Green (found in OR archives
searchable database a Curtis Green marrying a Jessie Marie Burns 1932 Hood
River Co. OR)

Children of LESLIE LEE and OLLIE MCCANN are:
        i.      LESLIE WARD4 LEE, b. 1922 d. 1976 m. WILMA SACKMAN, 1943

B-24 Captain during WWII served in England.

        ii.     MARGARET JEAN LEE, b. 1926 m. JOHN LAWRENCE FEA, 1946,  b. 1923 d.

                Served U.S. Army WWII, Pearl Habor Survivor

Children of LESLIE LEE and ZELLA GREEN are:
        iii.    PATRICIA4 LEE, b. 1934
        iv.     ROBERT SYDNEY LEE, b. 1936 d. 1989,  m. BARBARA BASS, 1963 b. 1939
Served U.S. Air Force.

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