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This is an open web page for people who are interested genealogy and history for the Gonzalez Name.  If you have any stories about a Gonzalez, or want to communicate with a Toler please Email vern@armory.com  in the future, this will be a form based web page, so you can add your stories and view them on the spot.

 From:        Ralph Mosley <RAPMO@webtv.net>                                                          05-Nov-99 21:05
 Subject:        Gonzalez Family/Ponce,Puerto Rico
     To:         vern@armory.com

I am currently researching my family in Ponce Puerto Rico. My
grandmother's name was Josefa Camille Gonzalez, born May 20 1897. Her
father's name was Jose Maria Gonzalez, birthdplace either Castille or
Seville Spain.
He also had a son Sebastian. His parents names were Felipe and Nen
Gonzalez.   Jose was a ships master and died at sea from a diving accident
around 1910. Grandma and mother upon hearing of his death migrated to
the US by way of Cuba where they lived for 2years and then moved to
Tampa Fla.
I would like find my relatives in Ponce, the name of the ship
greatgrandfather mastered and how he died at sea and where he was
buried. My grand mother said he owned six city blocks of land in Ponce.
Once they arrived in the US, brother Sebastian moved to New York City.
They kept in touch for awhile ,but later lost touch.
         If you have any info on my family, please
contact me at the above e-mail addresse.

                                         Thank You

                                          Ralph Enoch

Subject:         Gonzalez name
   Date:         Thu, 5 Dec 2002 04:44:18 GMT
   From:       caninedelaria@netzero.net

I am doing a family history report here at ASU. I am made of Torres and Gonzalez. However, I can only go so far back in the Gonzalez family and most of it is a mystery.  My father died when I was 7 and even his death was a mystery. My brother and I have been left wondering about the Gonzalez's for years now. We have some of my father's family left here but they are no help at all. My father was born in Chicago, IL. His name was Lorenzo Luis Gonzalez. His mother's name was
Maria Ramirez. She is buried right next to him here in Glendale, Az. I do not know my grandfather's name nor where they came from or if my dad had any uncles or aunts. My brother is the last one to carry the Gonzalez name. We have a feeling that the Gonzalez came from Puerto Rico or some caribbean island because we feel such strong ties to those cultures.
If anyone has any information, I would be delighted to hear from you.
Thank you,
Candelaria Gonzalez

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