Y2K Backup Tool 

With all the commotion of Year 2000 bug's , people are worried that every computer in the entire world will crash.  Well here is my solution.

For $1.00 You too can own one of these failsafe Y2K complete  backup tools.  Order yours TODAY!
Please note, you must follow instructions carefully. it will be necessary to bring the distal end to a point at the apex where graphite is exposed.   Do not seek help from grandchildren if they are still is school for they will not understand what the instrument "Y2K Backup Tool is.

It is suggested you go to your local computer book store and request a book with the title
"PENCIL SHAPING FOR DUMMIES" Since the young clerk mite not understand explain to him or her, or someone your not quite sure of, that the book is a overpriced soft cover yellow book with confusing pictures in the margin.
Warning, Do not panic for not all computer chips will crash when the year reaches 2000. At a dinner a while back a  man stated that all new cars have computer chips which will fail at the year 2000, I tried to assure him that the computer chips in cars are not programed to crash at the year 2000 because they are already programed to crash three days after the warranty expires.

Sorry no y2k crash. I really did have some pencils made like this.  it was a fun thing so I am leaving it on my web page.

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