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                         JELLEYBEAN CHAIN LETTER:

Grave consenquenceses can result if you fail to obey the; instructions for this chain letter.


You will have Fun with this e-mail chain letter because e-mail can follow you where ever you go or wherever they send you when you get caught.

You may wonder how you can send an jellybean via e-mail, donít worry about it just do it. If you can bank by e-mail you surely can send a simple jellybean,

                                 IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Send a jellybean to everyone at the top of your e-mail list.
2. Add ďBill GatesĒ name to the bottom of the list.
(I donít know why but I think he has to be included in all computer programs or else they will crash.)
3. Add your name to the bottom of the list.
4. Send the above list to everyone you have sent a jellybean to.  Eventually you will receive your just reward.


Chain letters were outlawed by the US Postal Service, in the 1930ís,  they complained that the large volume of mail over loaded their system.  (I wonder if the same law can be used for the ďJunk MailĒ that is now over loading our mailboxes.)

Do not send the jellybeans by Snail Mail, they will clog up their automated equipment, and also we donít want a lot of overweight snails around.

Recently a European country collapsed because of a pyramid type chain letter, so do not send any jellybeans to the U.N.

Donít worry if you are sent to jail, since you will have enough jellybeans to barter for anything you want.

By the year 2000 the glitch in all computers will cause them to crash, but you will have so many jellybeans that you wonít give a darn. (You may change the last word to express your true feelings.)


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