The national monetary unit is the Turkish lira (TL.). The coinage is in 500, 1000 and 2500, 5000 lira pieces. Bank notes are of 5000,10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 and 250,000, 500.000 lira. The exchange rates for foreign currencies are published daily. Eurocheques can be cashed immediately, as can traveller's cheques upon producing identification.


Turkish post offices are easily recognizable by their yellow "PTT" signs. Major post offices are open 8:00-24:00 hrs., Mon.- Sat.; and 9:00-19.00 hrs., Sun. Small post offices have the same hours as government offices (see below).

Poste restante Poste restante letters should be addressed "postrestant" to the central post office "Merkez Postanesi", in the town of your choice. It is only necessary to produce an identification card when collecting your letter.It is possible to use this service for sending or receiving documents from other countries.

Fax Office It is possible to use this service for sending or receiving documents from other countries.

Valuable Despatch It is possible to use this service for sending valuable belongings or valuable impor- tant documents.

Other PTT services It is possible to exchange money at all branches of PTT at the current international exchange rate. International postal orders and traveller's cheques can also be exchanged.

An express postal service (Acele Posta Servisi - APS) operates from Turkey to 72 other countries for letters, documents, and small packages.

Stamp collectors will be delighted with the wide range of special stamps available to them.

Phone calls The most economic way to telephone in Turkey is from a PTT telephone booth (found in all towns). Jetons in three sizes for local, inter-city, and international calls can be purchased from all PTT offices.Telephone cards are also available.

Service numbers


Government Offices           8:30-12:30 (closed Sat. and Sun.)
                             (open daily in tourist areas)
                             13:30 - 17:30

Banks                        8:30-12:00 (closed Sat. and Sun.)
                             (open daily in tourist areas)

Shops                        9:30-13:00 (closed Sun.)
                             14:00- 19:00
On the first day of the religious holidays (Seker Bayrami (3 days) and Kurban Bayram (4 days) all the shops and the bazaars, are closed).

Summer hours: In the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey, government offices and many other establishments are closed in the afternoon during the summer months. These summer hours are fixed each year by the province governors.


Jan. 1 - New Year's Day.

Apr. 23 - National Independence and Children's Day.

May. 19 - Ataturk Commemoration and Youth and Sports Day.

Aug. 30 - Victory Day

Oct. 29 - Republic Day


Most Turkish museums are open every day of the week, except Mondays. Palaces are also closed only on Mondays. The famous Topkapl Palace is closed on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. In order to receive permission for photos or films in museums or at ancient ruins, a fee, which varies according to the entrance fee, is charged. The photographing or filming, for commercial use, of yet unpublished objects which are copyrighted, requires a special permit from the general Directorate of Antiquities and Museums. In Ankara most museums are closed on the first day of religious holidays.


Australia : +8

Germany: -1

France: -1

England: -2

Italy: -1

Japan: +7

Netherlands: -1

Austria: -1

Spain: -1

USA: -7 (EST)


Local time: GMT + 2 hrs. (Summer).

Electricity: 220 volts ac, all over Turkey. The voltage is clearly marked on all hotel outlets.

Tap water: Safe to drink in all cities as it has been chlorinated.

Weights and measures: Metric system.

Foreign newspapers: Available in large cities and tourist areas.

Interpreter - guides: Ministry of Tourism Offices and travel agents can provide professional interpreters - guides. Travel agents are obliged to provide professional interpreter - guides on all of their tours.

Doctors and dentists: Doctors and dentists can be found in Turkey's major hospitals and, in addition, there are certain foreign-operated hospitals in istanbul (see Useful Addresses).


Tourism Radio: Aims at promoting Turkey to foreigners visiting the country from the historical, geographical, social, economic and touristis aspects, to give them practical information as well as current events, and of course music.

Air time: Daily from 07.30-12.45 and 18.30-22.00 hrs. Iocal time. Transmitters and frequencies: Izmir- 100.5 MHz

Antalya- 100.6 MHz

Nevsehir- 103.0 MHz

Kusadasi- 101.9 MHz

Pamukkale- 101.0 MHz

Bodrum- 97.4 MHz

Cesme- 99.1 MHz

Istanbul- 101.6 MHz

Marmaris- 101.0 MHz

Kalkan- 105.9 MHz

News in English, French and German on Tourism Radio aired daily at 08.30- 10.30, 12.30-18.30 and 21.30 hrs. Feature programmes are also broadcast in these three languages.

TRT - TV - 2 News in English, following the News in Turkish at 22.00 hrs.

TRT - TV - INT - News in German at 22.45 hrs.


- Radio 3 on the FM band airs news in English, French and Germany at 09.00, .00,14.00,17.00,19.00 and 22.00 hrs. daily.

For further information contact:

The Voice of Turkey TRT (External Services) Turkiyenin Sesi Radyosu PO Box 333, Yenisehir - Ankara, Turkey Zip Code: 06443 Tel : (0-31 2)4314211- 4352083 - 4250074 - 4314312 Fax: 4353316 - 4310222