Turkey is a country of diverse scenery, climate and historic monuments, and the traveller is sometimes overwhelmed by the choice of places to visit. Therefore, some itineraries have been suggested below. For assistance in organizing your route con sult any Turkish Tourist Information Office or private travel agencies organizing pack age tours in Turkey.

Istanbul makes the obvious place to start your tour. It is a fascinating city rich in historical treasures left from its days as the capital of the Byzantine and subsequently, Ottoman Empire. There are also many places of natural beauty, the Istanbul Bogaz being one of the most popular.


15 DAYS (From Istanbul to Istanbul)

1st day, depart from Istanbul to ,Canakkale via Tekirdag and Eceabat. 2nd day, visit the ruins of Truva (Troy), Behramkale (Assos) and the Gulf of Edremit (Olive Riv era). Spend the 3rd day in Ayvallk, visit ruins of Bergama (Pergamon). 4th day, in iz mir. 5th day, visit ruins of Efes then to Kusadasn 6th day, in Ku,sadasl visit the ruins of Priene, Miletos and Didyma. 7th day, in Pamukkale, visit Aphrodisias on route. 8th day, in Bodrum. 9th day, in Marmaris. 10th day, in Marmaris visit the ruins of Knidos and the resort town of Datc,a. 11th day, in Marmaris, visit the ruins of Kaunos and the canal of Dalyan. 12th day, in Fethiye. 13th day, in Fethiye, visit the ruins of Kinik (Xan thos) and Leton. 14th day, in Fethiye, sail to Gocek Gulf. 15th day, transfer to Dala man Airport and fly to Istanbul.


15 DAYS (From Istanbul to Istanbul)

1st day, fly from Istanbul to Antalya. 2nd day, visit the ancient mountain city of Termessos and historical Karain Cave. 3rd day, in Kemer. 4th day, visit the ruins of Faselis and Olympos. 5th day, visit the towns of Kale (Myra), Kas (Antiphallos), Kal kan and Patara. 6th day, visit the ruins of Perge and Aspendos on route to Side. 7th day, in Side. 8th day, journey to wonderful KoprCilu Canyon National Park. 9th day, in Alanya. 10th day, in Tasucu, stop at Anamur and Aydlnclk on the way. 11th day, up into the mountains, visit the ruins of Uzuncaburc,. 12th day, leave Tasucu, visit the ruins of Korykos, the Pits of Heaven and Hell (Cennet ve Cehennem), and Kanlidi vane, then to Mersin. 13th day, depart for Antakya via Tarsus, the birthplace of St. Paul. 14th day, in Antakya visit the Mosaic Museum and the first missionary port of ,Cevlik (Seleucia Peria). 15th day, transfer from Antakya to Adana Airport, fly to Istan bul.


15 DAYS (From Istanbul to Istanbul)

1st day, depart from Istanbul to Ankara via Abant Lake. 2nd day, in Ankara visit the capital of Turkey. 3rd day, on the way to Amasya visit Hattusas, the ancient capital of the Hittites, and Alacahoyuk. 4th day, depart for Sivas via Tokat. 5th day, in Kayse ri. 6th day, in Nigde. 7th day, in the fantastic Goreme region (Ancient Cappodocia). 8th day, in Goreme visit the Kaymakil and Derinkuyu underground cities. 9th day, in Kon ya visit the Ihlara Valley and the friendly town of Guzelyurt on route. 10th day, in Kon ya. 11th day, depart from Konya to Egirdir via Beysehir Lake. 12th day, in Eskisehir visit Gordion, the ancient capital of the Phyrigians and Midas's City on route. 13th day, depart from Eski,sehir to Bursa, visit the beautiful town of Sogut on route. 14th day, in Bursa. 15th day, depart from Bursa to Istanbul via Yalova.


15 DAYS (From Istanbul to Istanbul)

1 st day, depart from Istanbul to Sile via Polonezkoy. 2nd day on the way to Akca koca visit the resort towns of Agva, Kerpe, Kefken, and Karasu. 3rd day, depart from Akcakoca to Bartin via Eregli and Zonguldak. 4th day, in Bartin visit Safranbolu, the open air museum of Turkish architecture. 5th day, on the way to inebolu visit the re sort towns of Inkum, Amasra, Cakraz, Kurucasile, and Cide. 6th day, on the way to Sinop visit the towns of Abana, Catalzeytin and Ayancik. 7th day, in Samsun. 8th day, drive along the panoramic coastal road to Giresun via Unye, Fatsa, Yalikoy and Ordu. 9th day, in Trabzon. 10th day, visit the magnificent Monastery of Sumela. 11th day, departure from Trabzon to Rize, visit tea plantations on route. 12th day, explore the Kaskar Mountain's and Paradise Valley's lakes, springs and mountain villages. 13th day, depart from Rize to Hopa, visiting Sarp Village. 14th day, in Hopa visit the roman tic, wild Coruh Valley and Artvin City. 15th day, transfer from Hopa to Trabzon Airport and fly to Istanbul.


15 DAYS (From Istanbul to Istanbul)

1st day, fly from Istanbul to Erzurum. 2nd day, in Erzurum. 3rd day, depart from Erzurum to Kars via Sarikamis. 4th day, visit the ruins of Ani and on the way to Dogu bayazlt pass along the foothills of biblical Mount Agn. 5th day, visit the spectacular lo cation of the well-preserved remains of Ishak Pasa Palace. 6th day, depart from Dogu bayazlt to Van, visit Van Castle for the sunset. 7th day, visit Akdamar Island. 8th day, around the Van Lake, visit the ruins of Adilcevaz, Ahlat and Nemrut Crater Lake. 9th day, depart from Van to Diyarbakir via Bitlis. 1 0th day, in Diyarbakir visit the quaint city of Mardin. 11th day, depart for Nemrut Dag. 12th day, depart for the biblical city of Sanli Urfa, the birthplace of Abraham. 13th day, visit biblical Harran. 14th day, depart from Sanli Urfa to Gazi Antep. 15th day, transfer to Gazi Antep Airport and fly to Istan bul.

TOUR Vl-NATURAL MARVELS (Central Anatolia,Mediterranean and Aegean)

15 DAYS (From Istanbul to Istanbul)

1st day, fly from Istanbul to Ankara. 2nd day depart from Ankara to Goreme via Salt Lake. 3rd day in Goreme. 4th day in Konya. 5th day in Alanya. 6th day in Antalya, visit the ruins of Side, Aspendos and Perge on route. 7th day in Kemer. 8th day, drive along the beautiful Lycian Peninsula to Fethiye via Faselis, Finike, Kas and Kalkan. 9th day, departure from Fethiye to Marmaris via Koycegiz Lake. 10th day in Bodrum. 11th day spend a colourful day in Bodrum. 12th day in Ku,sadasl, visit the ruins of Didyma, Miletos and Priene on route. 13th day in Pamukkale, visiting Aphrodisias on route. 14th day in Izmir, visiting Efes on route. 15th day transfer to Adnan Menderes Airport and fly to Istanbul.

TOUR Vll - THE CROSSROAD OF CIVILIZATIONS (Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia)

15 DAYS (From Istanbul to Istanbul)

1 st day fly from Istanbul to Samsun. 2nd day drive along the coastal road to Trab zon. 3rd day in Trabzon, visit Rize tea plantations on route. 4th day depart from Trab zon to Erzurum via Zigana Pass. 5th day in Erzurum. 6th day depart from Erzurum to Kars via Sankamis. 7th day visit the ruins of Ani, and on the way to Dogubayazit pass along the foothills of Biblical Mount Agn. 8th day depart from Dogubeyazlt to Van. 9th day in Van, visiting Akdamar Island. 10th day depart from Van to Diyarbaklr via Bitlis. 11 th day depart to the Holy City of Sanll Urfa, the birthplace of Abraham. 12th day visit Biblical Harran. 13th day depart for Nemrut Dag, one of the wonders of Turkey. 14th day depart for Malatya. 1 5th day transfer to Malatya Airport and fly to Istanbul.


The popular "Blue Voyage" itinerary extends from ,Cesme (Aegean Coast) to Antal ya (Mediterranean Coast). Yachts depart from Izmir, Cesme, Sigacik, Kusadasi, Bod rum, Datca, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas, Kemer and Antalya. The "Blue Voyages" are arranged by various agents as well as by individual groups for 8-12 persons.

These tours can be arranged between April to October.