A cerain number of hotels throughout the country are registered with the Ministry of Tourism which means that they abide by certain regulations and standards of facilities, and these are given the name "touristic". There are other establishments registered with local authorities, and these, too, correspond to a certain standard as regards facilities and services.

At the sea-side resorts and tourist centres of the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, there are a number of motels which generally offer satisfactory facilities (restaurants, a private beach, and all mooring facilities) and also holiday villages of large capacity and high standard.

Guest Houses

With reasonable prices Guest Houses provide tourists with the comforts of home and can be easily found throughout Turkey. The Tourist Offices and TUREVS (Association for the development of the tourist Guest House, Cumhuriyet Bulvan, Elbir ishani, No: 84/404, Alsancak, izmir, Tel: (0-232) 4257273 Fax: (0-232) 4257273 can be of service in making your reservations anywhere in Turkey.


The camping sites registered with the Ministry of Tourism are still few in number, but they are all situated on the principal routes, near towns and tourist centres.

The camping sites are very comfortable and often have restaurants and occasionally chalets with rooms; some have private beaches.

These camping sites are generally open from April or May until October.


There is a large choice of restaurants in Turkey. There are high quality restaurants and ones of international style in the main cities. Everywhere in the country are a large number of small, popular restaurants which offer simple but tasty dishes for moderate prices. The meze (hors d'oeuvres) are often accompanied by rakl or wine. Fish and shellfish are fresh and very tempting. At most of the establishments along the road, there is lamb roasted on a revolving spit, salads with tasty dressings, and fresh vege- tables stuffed with savoury rice. If you cannot understand the names of the dishes, you can always go to the kitchen and choose from the dishes displayed.