Pepper Kebab


Ingredients: 1 kg green peppers, l kg tomatoes, 500g medium fat cheese or Cokelek (curd cheese), half a bunch parsley, 1.5 tablespoons butter, 3 medium onions, half a bunch fresh mint, half a tablespoon dried mint, salt, black pepper, and rosemary to taste.

Peel the tomatoes and dice.Finally chop the onions and rosemary. Mix with half the but- ter, salt, pepper and cheese. Make a horizontal incision in the peppers and then upwards towards the stalk to form a T-shaped cut. Stuff with the fill- ing. This dish is at its best when cooked over a charcoalfire, especially over the embers after cooking yufka (paper-thin sheets of pastry cooked on a griddle) in the open air at the vineyards in summer. Wrap each stuffed pepper in a yufka to eat. When cooking at home this dish may be pre- pared on a barbecue, in the oven, under the griu or in a pan on the stove (in which case add one cup of water). Whatever cooking method is used, add its own juice and boil for 5 minutes before serving hot.

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