Ingredients              Measure  Amount
    Eggplant             6 medium size    1 kg
    Oil              1 1/2 tablespoons    20 g
    Yogurt                      4 cups    1 kg
    Garlic                    4 cloves    10 g
    Salt               1 1/2 teaspoons     9 g
    Ground meat             2 1/4 cups   500 g
    Butter or
      margarine      1 1/2 tablespoons    20 g
    Salt                  1/2 teaspoon     3 g
    Black pepper          1/2 teaspoon     1 g
    Red pepper            1/2 teaspoon     1 g
    Green peppers        2 medium size    30 g

Barbecue unpared eggplant over high heat in a heavy skillet, covered. Turn around occasionally until all sides are tender. Remove from heat; cool. Peel outer skin and chop finely or mince. Place in a saucepan. Add oil. Saute' over low heat for 2-3 minutes stirring constantly. Stir in yogurt, minced garlic and salt blen- ding thoroughly. Keep warm. Brown ground meat in margarine for 10-15 minutes or until meat is crumbly; drain. Season with salt and spices. Place eggplant puree in a serving dish. Smooth surface. Spread ground meat over eggplant. Sprinkle with chopped green peppers. Serve warm.

6 servings

Nutritive Value (Approx. per serving):

     Energy.........:  368 cal  Sodium ..........:                 930 mg
     Protein .......:   21.4 g  Vitamin A .......:                 225 iu
     Fat ...........:   23.6 g  Thiamin (Bl) ....:                0.28 mg
     Carbohydrate ..:   18.0 g  Riboflavin (B2)..:                0.55 mg
     Calcium .......:   228 mg  Niacin ..........:                5.11 mg
     Iron ..........:  2.17 mg  Vitamin C .......:                  15 mg
     Phosphorus ....:   324 mg
     Zinc ..........:     4 mg  Cholesterol .....:                  80 mg
Regional characteristics:

The recipe comes from Gaziantep. It is a variation of "Hunkar Begendi". Only yogurt is used instead of milk and cheese and ground meat is substituted for kebabs. Since yogurt goes well with garlic, the two are generally used together in many dishes. It is served as a one course meal with green peppers.