East of Kalkan the narrow twisting road skirts the shore and continues till Kas. This road winds along the coast and you can see many small sandy beaches on the way. A peninsula Iying toward Meis island will remind you that you're close to your destination. On the shore opposite the tiny island lies the village of Kas. It has probably been the fastest rising attraction as a tourist destination in the dred.

How to get there?

Kas is 80km. from Fethiye and 230km. from Antalya. Dalaman airport is 110km. to Kas. In recent years, Kas has become a popular stopover for yachts on the blue voyage.

What to do?

It's time to sail from hay to bay. Kas is the center for boating trips to the nearby sunken cities around Kekova island. Also there are full dayboat trips leave for Simena, Ucaglz, from Kas Maviin, Kaputas beach and Patara can be reached both by land and by sea. chance to see Kalkan, Xanthos and Gokcesu. There are daily boat excursions to Demre, Myra and Aya Nicola -Saint Nicholasfrom Kas.

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