We will drive along the same shady road that we used to reach Marmaris but this time in the opposite direction. There is nothing unexpected along the road except the sight of lovely Koycegiz lake. As you approach Fethiye you'll see the pretty town tucked into the eastern corner of the wide bay. The region was the heartland of ancient Lycia and some of the ruins here are quite simply spectacular. Wherever you go in Fethiye ancient Lykia city Telmessos and rock tombs cut into the cliffs rising up behind the town will always be staring at you.

How to get there?

By road you'll trace the road starting from Izmir-Aydin- Cine Mugla and Sakar pass into Koycegiz. Another alternative is Izmir-Denizli-Acipayam-Golhisar- and Fethiye route. You'll travel over 230 km. between Izmir and Denizli and 225km from Denizli to Fethiye. Or if you prefer airway, you can easily drive from Dalaman airport to this pretty resort, only 52km. away.

What to do ?

Never leave the site without visiting pre-eminent Lycian cities Xanthos and Letoon,Oludeniz Dead sea, enclosed and well protected from the sea. And this time we'll hear from you how wonderful it is to wet your hot feet in the shallow blue waters of Dalyan. The gulf at Gocek extends to the northern shore until it touches Fethiye. And the Fethiye bay lies ahead with a number small islands scattered around the perimeter. It's a popular cruising ground for yachts offering sheltered waters behind the islets, attractive coves and buys within short distances around the coast. Between Gocek and Fethiye don't miss the oppornlnity to see Katranclk and Klzll islands. The coastline streching south is dotted with charming centers: Some of these are Belcegiz, Kayakoy, Oludeniz, Gemiler, Zeytin and Ince headlands and especially Cavus headland for those interested in windsurfing.

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