Taz's (Chris Petrell) 5T's wish list..

This is an ever changing list of things I want or need to get for various projects.  This list is mostly things I plan on getting for myself, but also it can serve as an idea list for those wanting to get a gift for me. :)  I really do not expect anyone to get anything off this list for me, as most of these are sorta expensive items, and most people only want to spend $5-$20 on a gift, but hey.. Ya never know.  I do alot of favors for alot of people, I can only hope.  Things that are crossed off I've already picked up, and I'll probably remove from the list later on.   I update this all the time so I can keep track of my "wants"..   Also of note, I'm a bit of a prepper, so many ideas can come from that.

** Tools

** Tech

** Toys

** Things

** Trailers (Camping)