Simba - RIP

Images of Simba

  Simba came to me from an old co-worker.   The basic story is that Simba chewed through the friends computer mouse cord, and she didn't like that.  So she wanted to give Simba away.  I took Simba in, and found that her and Sparky did not get along.  So Simba became a 100% outside cat and Sparky became a 100% inside cat.  About that time Sparky became 100% inside for other reasons though. 
  Simba became a welcome-home cat.  What I mean by that is every time I came home, there she was greeting me with a meow and her trademark walk with her tail up high zig zagging her way to me.  She was a unique cat in the way that she generally didn't like any body other then me.  One a long time ago she was injured with a cyst, and I didn't have the money to take her to the vet, so I treated her as I would a human, and took care of it very carefully, and kept it very clean with alcohol.  I kept a close eye on her, and the wound healed quickly.  She was a brave cat.  Ever since that time she was very trusting of me.  She let me take care of her when times we tough with her.  When I took her to the vet a couple of years back for boarding she was the best out of the 3 cats I took (Sparky, Jesse (friends cat) and Simba).  During the initial checkup before the boarding, actually both of my cats where pretty good about things.  I was present the whole time though.  When they were boarded I visited all 3 cats twice a day to make sure they knew they were not abandoned.  The Vet probably thought I was weird or something.. ;)
  Recently my grandfather passed away.  He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington DC.  I took a week to go to the services.  When I got home my roommate told me Simba somehow got locked in the garage for a couple of days when he was gone.  Those days were pretty hot as well.  When he got home, and opened the door she bolted out and ran across the street.  That was the last he saw her.  Two days after that I got home.   I called for her, and looked for her but couldn't find her.  I assumed she was just not in the area.  Sometimes that did happen, not often, but on occasion it did.  The next day I heard the story about the being locked up for 2 days, so I called more for her.   The following day my roommate called me saying that a neighbor found her in his car port.  She was not moving very much at all, but was hissing at them.  So I rushed home to take care of her.   She was not in good condition at all, and I knew it was pretty much over.  I gave her water, and vitamins slowly, and I know it comforted her, as if I left her site she meowed this scared sounding meow until I came back.  Around sunset time I moved her to the front yard so we could watch the sunset, when that was over, I moved us into my room, and just sat back with her.  Sparky was there, and I am pretty sure he knew what was going on as he came to her took a look, then went back to the bed, and watched.  He didn't hiss, as he usually would.   He got very mellow and quiet in fact. 

  I stayed with her and kept comforting her till the end.   She died while I held her at 9:05 PM that night. 

  Simba over time became a very welcomed part of my life.  As I came home tonight, and am writing this I really realized that I miss her presence quite a bit.  It was nice being greeted every time I came home.  No matter how far away she was, I'd always see her come running home to greet me.  Now I guess she's just a bit too far away......  :(