Chris Petrell's Pepsi Machine links, and info

I recently picked up a Pepsi machine, its a Vendorlator VFA56B-A
Cabinet Number 303003021

Images are here

There is several things I need to get it to 100% functional.

  • Coin mechanism As you can see, its missing
  • The front lock, which also is missing
  • Pepsi Logo Stickers, anyone have a source for them?
  • Empty 10 ounce Pepsi product Bottles to get filled
So far I have found 1 place that sells the 10 ounce Pepsi bottles,
However they will only sell you them if you have bottles to give them in return!
So... If you have any bottles you want to get rid of PLEASE let me know!!!
Also, keep an eye out for any that other people may have, as many of us will
want to get some bottles. If you have any to get rid of you can mail them to me
at P.O. Box 5, Gerlach, NV 89412 and I'll happily pay you for the postage! :)
Side note: Home Depot is selling coke bottles that fit the machine perfectly.
Unfortunately, I'm a big Pepsi fan, not a coke one. So I have that dilemma.

I have heard that the machine needs a Coinco 9341-S coin mechanism.
When I have some spare $. That is *after* I get the lock mechanism!

When I find sources for things, I will post them here.
I addition to all of this I can create an email list if anyone likes. Email me if you can help with the things I need
Click here if you want to join an email list on 60's - 70's Pepsi machines.

Email address is pepsi-1 at
(Note: I change this address all the time due to spammers,
so check back to this web site if you email me and it bounces)
To message me live I am on yahoo or google chat. My ID is "Tazameir" on both.