Subject: Opel Death time!!!
Cc: chrisp

Well everyone, its come to that time... time to kill the Opel GT once and for  
all..  sooo here it is....

Date/Time: Sat. 11/4/95 10 am - ?
Location: Boulder Creek, Ca - at my place.. Call or email for instructions.
To Do:
1) Dismantle the '69 Opel GT that I totaled a year back...removing any  
useable parts.
        a)clean and pack away any good parts (I can do this later)
2) Cut the rest of it up.  we will have a "chop saw" (chainsaw with a fiber  
blade on it.) and some other cutting devices..
note: If you have tools like cutters or some kind, feel free to bring em!
3) Maybe haul 1 or 2 GOOD Opels up to my place from Campbell - pending  
trailer availability.
4) Eat
5) Drink
6) you name it? (bon fire? archery? "bench race?" etc..)

Food/Drink will be provided, Let me know what you like And it will be there!  
(within reason!!!)

Please rsvp so I can get an idea on how many people are going to show up..  
remember the more the merrier! (and easier the work is) Also if you know of  
others that may be into hanging out let me know! (and them also!) Some of you  
I may be sending this out to just for info also.. Anyways Its a sad thing for  
me, but it has to be done...