This Batch of images are from a  while back,  just with the lay-off I didn't get em onto the net all so quick...

So.. I decided to give this cart some actual suspension.  It will have an internal front end and an internal rear end.  Each will have a pivot point, and a travel point.  The pivot point will have wheel bearings on each side (LMII949) These are 3/4" ID bearings..  And will be in the center of the cart.  The traveling side will run some motorcycle struts. (shocks with heavy springs on the outside).  This will be the suspension.

This image shows the cart frame, the wheels, and some steel I just purchased.

This shows a closeup of how cheap I am going to be on this.  I have found that steel places charge like $4 per cut. So when I am buying several pieces of stock steel (20' lengths) I end up paying almost the same rate for the cutting! So... With my spare Car battery, my 1kw inverter, and my sawsall, who needs them to cut it!  I just cut it myself in the parking lot so I can fit it in the car.  And then I wrap it in newspaper to keep my car clean from all the grease on the steel.

Here is the basic frame as I tac welded it.

I ground the welds, as I will be adding more band iron to strengthen the whole thing.

Here is a daylight shot, with the spindles installed.

Here's a better picture of it..

Here I have the wheels temporaraily installed, and also the tie rods.  Not the front is cut.  I decided after the fact to add more free space.  It would work as it was, but I decided to add another inch to the front/back clearance for the tires.  I will be doing the same to the piviot side (not the rod inside the 1" box tube, thats the pivot point where the bearings will go.

Another image of it, from the front looking to the back.

And one last image to look at.

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