This weekend (02/02/02), I didnt do any actual work, however I did get the front end parts.
Below are the images, with captions.

I have discovered that with the gearing I plan on using, and the motor, that the cart will go 10.25 MPH, unless I end up with a double size sprocket at the motor (more then likely I will) then it will be 20.5 MPH top speed..   Most of these parts I plan on ordering this weekend. (02/08/02)

#1 The box arrives....

#2 - These are the  parts layed out.  2 tires, (10.5") 2 tire rods and 2 front spindles (3/4" axles)

#3 This is Seth holding a tire, and a spindle (so you can get an idea of the size.

Here are some random pics to give you a size of the cart.  Our handy Tim S. is the "model" and
the square in some of the pics is a standard framing square.  Which is a standard 24" by 16?"

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