This year for burningman I decided that "Dammit, I want an art car... No matter what!"  So I am starting small..

The first car I am calling EC1 for Electic Cart #1.  Its a temp name, as I figure we'll give it a real name when its completed.
So here it is  This is from day1 Jan 20, 2002, San Jose, Ca

This is the raw cut 1" box tube that I am using to build the cart out of.

This is the basic frame setup.

This shuws the uprights as I weld them into place.

This is a handy little tool for welding lots of 90 degree pieces of metal together.  Its a cheap 90 degree magnet!
Great for tack welding things into place, then I can check it with my framing square. I got this one from Harbor Freight (In fremont) for like $4.

And here is the completed frame.  Pretty raw still, and lots more work will be needed, but this is the start.
Its 2 feet wide, by 4 feet long, by 20" tall.

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