Heya peoples..
  I am still waiting out winter.. But I think its time to toss out some 
ideas.  I mostly want to build my pyramid this summer, and I have a ton
of ideas for it, but I want some other ideas.  Also, by emailing this out
in effect, I am organizing my own thoughts.  

Pyramid: 12'x12' at the base, 12' high

Base: will be built out of 1x1 box tube, mig welded together in 2 12'x6'
peices, then after the 2 "cages" are built, I will bolt them togther to 
finish the project.  The "bolting" process must be simple because I want it
to be a quick assembly onsite. 

Lift: This will be the hydralic ram in the center of the base.  I will build
a platform that will be structurally sound to house, mount, the ram in place. 
the ram will be a single long throw ram that can life 2k pounds.  The ram will
lift a platform that the "saucer section" will be mounted to.  It will run in 
the center of a 4 riser guide.  Drawings I will do up will show this better 
down the road. 

Side Risers: This will be the tricky part.  These will be made of again 1x1
box tube, but will have virtually no structure to them.  I want them to be
portable, light, but still strong enough to mount panels to and withstand
70 MPH winds.  These will probably be made in half triangles 6x12x13.42
the 2 12' sides will bolt together, and have structural bars to make them
a solid 12x13.42x13.42 side.  There will be 4 total of these, so 8 halves
will need to be made.  When dissaembled, this should lay flat no more then a 
foot tall x6x12. 

saucer: Hmm... this is a tough one.  I want it to be strong enough for 2-4
people to sit in , and be lifted 10 feet into the air, so the top of the saucer
will sit a good 25 feet up.  (when lifted) about 15' when down.  I will set it
up so that all controls will be in the saucer section, ie electric sterring, 
electric throttle control, electric AND hydrolic braking.  However I will not
drive it with the saucer in the up position. 

  Electrics: within the pyramid, and mounted to the base will be a bank of 
batteries that will be used for primary electrics.  There will also be a 
small gas motor for driving, and recharging the batteries.  I have thought of 
lining the sides with solar panels, but the cost is far too high to chance it, 
and it will take far too long to charge the batteries.  Also, I plan on driving
it at night, and I will have a TON of lights all over it, along with driving 
headlamps, and spot lights.  I like lights, and that will be VERY much known 
after people see this thing.  I may actually just put inside a generator.  I 
am currently working on my generac 5k generator to see how quiet I can make it. 
If I can make it quiet enough, that will get mounted inside.  And I will but a
better bigger generator for my camp.  

  Drivetrain: I am thinking of using electric motors to power the vehicle, but
also having a small gas lawn mower engine for power.  The key is NOT speed, just
moveability.  I will talk to the electic couch crowd about this.  Does anyone
know who I should email ?  I know they had a fleet of them last year.  
I will power 2 wheels with this setup, and the wheels will be connected to the 
motor via a drive shaft and chain.  The chain will go to the motor and connect
via a centrifical clutch. 
  Steering: All of the undercarrige will be just like a car, except spread out
more.  Each tire will have hydrolic brakes, and the 2 rear tires, will also have
an emergency brake line.  I will also set up an emergency stopping method via 
pipes, that will go into the ground, and plow it to stop if an emergency occurs.
Did anyone see the land yacht accident?  I have it on tape if you did not. So, 
I dont want that happening! The front tires will be connected via a steering 
rod, and on one of the tires, will be a motor that will be bi-directional, 
low geared, and used for steering.  I have thought about  setting it up like
a tank, but opted for the more standard methods. 

Welp.. thats my thoughts for now.  Its a growing process so I want to refine
a few things, and get some stuff on paper. (in the computer) But let me know
what you think.  Bottom line, is I want it safe, cool looking, fun, and
easy assembly.  Like 2 people should be able to get it running onsite in 
5 hours.  getting it onside is another issue, but I will probably buy a flat
bed trailer for it.