Sam & Arthur thumbnail page

You know, you know ... click on a small picture to see a big one! I just got a color scanner and scanned/saved these all pretty quickly, just so I could have some pictures up ASAP. When I have more time and get more practice with the scanner, then I'll find out more about compensating for pictures that are overly light or dark, doing interesting effects and so on, but for now, well, here are some pictures of Sam (born 9/26/88) and Arthur (born 9/20/94) together.

Sam holding a very young (about two weeks old) Arthur (10/94, 145K)
Sam and Arthur in Sam's old bed (1/27/95, 84K)
Sam and Arthur sleeping (5/9/95, 112K)
Arthur loves to pull Sam's hair! (5/13/95, 157K)
Two crawlers in the back yard (5/20/95, 113K)
Sam hugs Arthur who shows off two teeth (6/10/95, 203K)

Oh dear, this page needs updating just as badly as all my other pages! Part of this is because Arthur's now old enough to run and try to grab the camera every time he sees it, but also ... let's see, how can I explain this: I sent in for one of those "free film from Seattle Filmworks" deals I'm always getting coupons for, and now that I used up the rolls I can't find the mailers I'm supposed to use to send them back in, and I feel kind of bad about just taking them to the grocery store instead. Oh well, I'll find them eventually.

Jon feels insulted because I didn't mention that he also has some pictures of Sam and Arthur in his photo gallery.

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