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Parent-l is a moderate-to-heavy-traffic mailing list for support of "extended" breastfeeding, breastfeeding in general, and "attachment parenting." (Personally I balk at the term "attachment parenting" because it makes me picture things like vacuum cleaners or cuisenarts rather than, say, a family bed or baby sling, but that's what a lot of people seem to call it ... in my mind I'd think of it more as "the kinds of things you'd read about in Mothering magazine", not that that will mean much to most people either.)

So if you like Mothering magazine, this would be a good list for you. If you have relatives that give you shit for breastfeeding your kids instead of thumping them with Bibles, this would be a good list for you. If you feel alone because none of your friends have children, you'll enjoy the company of the people on this list. etc. etc.

Here is the Parent-l info file (as of 7/7/95), including info on subscribing.

The Parent-l List is a forum for discussing issues related to breastfeeding and parenting the nursing baby or child. There is somewhat of an emphasis on extended nursing and attachment parenting, but all experiences are considered valid and supported.

The topics for discussion vary widely, and include subjects related to life with a nursing toddler or baby, nursing during pregnancy, tandem nursing, societal attitudes towards breastfeeding, weaning, and any other related topics.

This list is intended for supporting breastfeeding not for the canvassing of any particular political ideals except where they directly affect the right of an individual mother and baby to breastfeed. This is not the forum for debate for/against circumcision, immunization, or abortion, except where questions arise directly related to breastfeeding. Criticism of bottle feeding mothers is not acceptable.

It is the hope of many recipients of this list that one day all mothers will make their feeding choices in an environment of love and support, based on factual information provided to them by their chosen health practitioner not misinformation provided for dubious commercial or other reasons.

List Commands
Welcome to the Parent-l mailing list. If you would like to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to this list send a message to:
with 'subscribe' (or 'unsubscribe') in the body of the message.

If you'd like to post a message to the list, send it to:
There are a few mailserver commands that you might be interested in. To use the mailserver, place the command (eg help) you'd like to execute in the body of a message (the subject is ignored) and send it to:
At the moment there is no digest form of the list but I am working on it. I'll let the list know when I have added the digest feature. If you have any problems send mail to:


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