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Welcome to my home page

Thanks for dropping by my site

I am Suresh Kayamboo, an IT Engineer. I hail from the historic city of Madurai in the southern state of Tamilnadu in India. I am married with Nandhini and have a beautiful daughter Akshaya (அக்ஷயா) and a handsome son Kavin Kannan (கவின் கண்ணன்)

I feel proud about India, its cultural heritage and democracy. It is a unique country, whose current President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is from a muslim minority community, the leader of the ruling coalition Sonia Gandhi is a Christian and is an Italian by birth, while the majority of the population is Hindu. While most countries in the world boast of equality and democracy, India stands by an example for both.

I like to learn, use and exploit open source software and have great respect for these open source folks who have done tremendous contribution by putting their efforts to deliver free software to everyone. Myself I use lot of open source software though I use windows a lot in my workplace

Thanks to John for giving me this webspace.

This website is used to express my thougts and some of my work

This website is completely built with Gnu Emacs, Emacs-Muse

I do have a small blog, journal journal-blog (!) running Blosxom

One can find all my config files from this website. It can be modified or used by anyone but without any warranty.

Thanks to Mike Olson and Sacha for their great contribution to Muse and Planner I hacked most of my config from both of them

This software is mainly built using open source tools. I have few perl scripts, css, java script and the rest is all text, text, pure text that is converted to html by Emacs-Muse. My blog is all simple text and Blosxom just displays them wonderfully.

So why to put so much effort in putting up a website and blog? Lot of people say lot of reasons. I created my site and blog just because I need some place where I can express what I feel and think. I can put some papers regarding my work and can refer to them later. Not convinced ? Well, I just don't care.

If any of you

feel free to drop me a mail at kayamboosuresh at yahoo dot co dot in