The Lair of the ShadoWolf

Greetings, and welcome. I am your hostess, known to most as ShadoWolf. Do not be alarmed, the whispers and chittering you hear are simply the shadows welcoming you to my domain. Here in these pages you will find that which makes me who I am, both in the realm of real life and IRC. Make yourself comfortable, draw up a chair, and brose through my library. Or stay and listen as I relate my own tales. Either way I am sure you will not be bored. Oh, one other thing. As your stay lengthens, you may feel a tugging and a brief feeling of disorientation. Have no fear my friend, this is only my "fee" for your stay here.

Now shall we continue on?



Vampire: The Masquerade

We all have our escape from the mundane realm of real life. I have found mine to be portraying the part of Shado, my garou (were-wolf) turned Schadwe. Step quietly as you browse these pages, lest you awaken creatures from your own nightmares. Lurking somewhere you will also find Rislynn, SnoWraith, and Lyra, the character I play on Austnet. Each has their own unique personality, ranging from quiet and watchful to playful and mischievous.



What is Vampire?

Want to know how you can become part of the mystique of Vampire? Follow this link to the official WhiteWolf website. There you will find the tools and tips needed to fully unleash your "darker side". Enjoy...



The ShadoWolf: Unmasked

So you are curious about who ShadoWolf is are you? Very well. Close your eyes, take a breath, and venture in to the real world of Shado. Unafraid say you? Hold tight to your courage, and step inside.



My "Den Of Thieves"

How dreary and dull this world can be without the company of friends. I'm lucky enough to have a few "co conspirators in my life. Take a look at some of the people I've met in my experiences both on irc, and in the world of vampire.




As we live our lives, we learn and grow. In that learning is the ability and desire to explore and stretch our limits. Wicca is something that I've begun to explore and enmesh myself in. This page will be updated frequently, so check back often. Blessed be..



Shadow's Namesake:

I chose the name ShadoWolf because I am very fond of wolves. They have a quiet grace to them that is unmatched in the world of animals. They are quiet, noble, and dignified, but with a sense of mischief and fun that can be seen as they frolic in the pack. Take a look at these beautiful animals, and learn something of the shadow as well.




Phantom of the Opera

The music, the scenery, the magic of the musical by Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber



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