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Computer Workshops (Commodore 64 Software)


Use serial number 000037 to register.

Minimum system requirements: C64/128 (in 64 mode), colour monitor, at least one disk drive, and joystick/mouse. Enhanced for C128s and SuperCPU.

The manual is included on the disk for your convenience. You can also read it online from your web browser.

To load:

  • If you have HyperLink 2.5a, just boot HL2.5a, insert the MGSE disk and press F5.
  • Otherwise, use HyperLink-To-Go! right on disk: LOAD"CWI",D,1 where D is your device number. Use a joystick in port 2.

  • Download in .d64.gz (49K) over HTTP or FTP

    Convert this program back to a 1541 disk using your Commodore and gunzip-c64 (two disk drives required). Download gunzipc64.prg from our local mirror. OR: Try the one drive version! Visit The GunzipC64 home page for the most up-to-date information and help.

By downloading you agree to the restrictions in the on-disk manual and accept the limited license therein

Copyright 1993 - 2001 Computer Workshops Inc. (8920)