[ whine ] Message 28228: Wed July 19, 1995 3:26pm
From: Zaphod, Galactic Prez (spcecdt)
Subject: On the Note of an Earlier Post

On Monday the DHMO outlet that graced the side of the proto-Armory, and which was snapped off during some pre-Armory drunken-party-melee, was restored to its rightful place, thus doubling the exterior availability of this dangerous but useful commodity. Yesterday, the Project reached the stage wherein we began to transport to it the granular substrate/nutrient compound that was deposited into our driveway a week ago, utilizing a rickety metallic construct along with other simpler tools such as inclined planes. Once that has been finished, I'm off to purchase an automated DHMO metering system from one of the shady enterprises that deal in such things (you can find them in even the purest of municipalities, if you know where to look). Soon after, if all goes well, our scheme will reach its fruition as cells multiply and organic tendrils rise slowly, menacingly, in unnatural order, from their place of nurture... and THEN we'll see who laughs! They told me I was loony (or worse) to even consider these possibilities... see how they tremble as my plans approach Z-hour! mwAhAHahhahah!

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