Some of my Writing

Most of this is pretty old. I guess I haven't had much time for writing in the last few years.
The NI3 Incidents
I wrote this story for an American Humor and Comedy class I took at Monterey Peninsula College. It was mostly a humor appreciation class, but one of the assignments was to compose our own humor. So, I wrote up these incidents with an emphasis on their humorous aspects…
This recounts an experience I had in 1987. Cal Poly and the military are both very different environments than UCSC, so I tried to explain their atmospheres to a Santa Cruz audience.
Diary of a Pyro
This is a story I wrote to spice up my toe file on UCSCB, as described herein.
4th of July 1999
A description of a trip, including my experiences at Boom City.

A few messages I've posted to discussion boards:
The Evil Plan
Mind-Controlling Chickens
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