DeepThought Access Statistics

So far, all you'll find here are some very old plots of modem access of this system. I wrote a daemon to monitor the number of modems in use, and the type of service they were being used for, in order to determine whether I needed to add modems to the system. During the time period that these graphs cover, April through October of 1994, there were six modems in the general-access dialin pool, and one restricted-access modem. Although the services listed in the graphs include fax, slip, and dialout, the vast majority of the usage is UUCP transfers and user logins.

The first two graphs show the number of modems in use, on average, by time of day and day of week.

The next two show the percentage of time that a particular number of modems are in use, for 0 modems through 7 modems. This plot was intended mainly to reveal the amount of time that all of the modems are in use.

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