Serial Ports

I like serial hardware. The ability to get lots of ports on one board, the relative simplicity of the protocol and electrical interface, and the wide range of devices that can talk RS232 appeal to me. DeepThought now has 48 serial ports. Two serial ports are on the motherboard. Two 16-port concentrators hang off of a Digiboard X/em PCI board. One 16-port Digiboard Portserver is in the garage, with 14 of its ports appearing on DeepThought through the “digiport” driver.
The serial devices currently connected to DeepThought are: Occasionally connected devices: Other serial hardware I plan to acquire: Elsewhere in the house we have Wyse 60 terminals on the Digi Portserver and a Livingston Portmaster 2e. We at one time had about a dozen spread through the house, but with the advent of the graphically-oriented web, they aren't quite as useful as they used to be! Aside from the one mentioned above, all we have left are two in the upper living room, one in the garage, and one in the downstairs bathroom (just because).

Formerly connected devices throughout the house:

On DeepThought:

On the onetime upper living room server, eddie: On the onetime garage server, earth:
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