From: John H. DuBois III <>
Subject: Explosive containers
Date: 12 Apr 90 08:21:38 GMT

    Good casings for explosives are not easy to find.  If you're just in it
for the pyrotechnic effect, you should definitely use cardboard casings.
Metal is unwise in general; if you do use it, you have to be far enough away
that it isn't as much fun.  Unfortunately, mailing tubes, etc. have a wall
thickness that is too small for their diameter to be of use as a casing.
The only good casing material I've found "around town" is the red tubing that
piano wire is shipped to hobby shops in.  Although it isn't as thick as 
would be optimal, it works for flash powder and should also work for fast
smokeless powder.
    If you want a reliable supply of excellent casings, use the type sold for
making rocket engines.  These are very thick, reasonably priced, and you can
buy as many as you want.  One company that sells them is Pocatello Paper
Products and Supply, box 5303, Chubbuck, ID 83202.  They also sell general
pyrotechnic casings, but they aren't as good for fair-size devices.