From: Simon Peter Gatrall <>
Subject: Re: Flame traps
Date: 11 Apr 90 19:13:12 GMT

>Such traps are used in gas systems, and a gas supply house should have them. A
>possible (untested) improvization would be to insert a loosely packed plug of
>steel wool into the sprayer lance, as near as possible to the tip (to reduce
>the untrapped volume). Such a plug should not reduce the pressure too much.

I would NOT try steel wool.  It burns very easily in the presence of
enough heat.  Find some sort of metal screen, possibly from a garden
hose.  Test it first with a lighter, or some flame.  If it can't stand
up to a flame for a long time, I wouldn't use it.  I don't know what the
best material would be, but I do know that steel wool would probably be
a big mistake.

If you investigate these kinds of toys scientifically, testing small
parts of the system at a time, you'll live longer.

-Simon Gatrall