From: John DuBois <>
Subject: flamethrowers
Date: 2 Mar 90 11:44:46 GMT

     Starter fluid produces the largest flame of any aerosol spray I've found.
We played with WD-40 early on; it's interesting but has nowhere near the 
"presence" that starter fluid does.  Starter fluid also has the virtue of being
relatively cheap (about $2.00 for an 11 oz. can), although it goes quick when
you're having fun.
     I discovered its properties somewhat serendipitously.  I was trying to
find better fuels for tennis ball cannons, in particular pressurized ones.  I
bought a can of starter fluid, but as it turned out, it would not burn in a
cannon using any ignition method.  I wondered what to do with the can for a
while before an idea struck me and I pulled out my lighter... trying it inside
was a foolish mistake!  Fortunately I avoided burning the apartments down, and
I was so enthralled with the result that I went about showing it to everyone.
We generally restrict its use to beach parties; the neighbors get upset about
it when it's used in the back yard.  It *is* a nice way to start a bonfire...