Subject: Thermite and ANFO
Date: 1 Mar 90 10:29:57 GMT

>I also tried this back in Jr. High.  Even with a propane tourch I could
>not get the mixture to light.  It would glow from the heat but not light.
>What mixture did you use and how did you light it?   I ended up using
>my iron oxide when I planted a redwood tree since someone told me that
>they grew better or were redder with lots of iron oxide in the soil.

I've used Christmas sparklers. They burn slowly and ignite (not extremely
coarse) thermite 100% sure.

>How big a hole did the 25 kg make?  (assuming you did it on the ground)
>Yes, our backyard would not be the place to do this one.
>I am going to have to find a reasonable place to try this.  It is
>something I have wanted to do for some time but I never found a place.
>Did you know someone who had some land way out in the country?

The 25 kg charge was detonated on surface in a forest where the soil
was very wet, partly almost swamp. The explosion dug a crater about 2 m
deep and 4 m in diameter. Very soon the hole was full of water. Some of 
the peat that was removed was hanging as 1 m long stripes on the branches
of nearby trees. This happened in army demolition camp several kilometers
from nearest buildings.

When making big bangs, it should be noted that windows are quite sensi-
tive to pressure waves. Also the damage function tends to be a binary
one. 1 kilo charge is known to break a medium-sized window from 300 m.
I think this was purely bad luck, but be warned. Possibly some sort of
resonance occurred.

Another factor to consider is the flying debris. With charges over 1 kilo
the nearby objects tend to gain some momentum. There was an accident
some time ago in the area where I live (but not caused by me - this time).
When blasting rock the workers didn't cover the ground with protective
blankets carefully enough. Some pieces of rock escaped and one (of size
of fist) pierced a roof of a car 200 m away. And the head of the driver.
That's too bad luck to be bad luck at all.

One thing that I forgot to mention in my last posting was that the
'fertilizer' must be ground first. At least the type that is available
in Finland and contains some CaO and MgO.