Subject: Thanks John!  & Re: Howdy and How?
Date: 1 Mar 90 10:29:52 GMT

Thanks John for posting about Lindsay.  It sounds like exactly what
I was looking for.  The other books look good as well.  I will have
to post about Atlan Formularies when I bring the information in from
home - they sell several good books.

>For openers, does anyone know how to get email to/from Compuserve?

Try the following:


>Now, on to pyro. Aluminium is a MARVELOUS reducing agent, as it releases an
>enormous amount of heat. Classically, mix it with iron oxide to get thermite
>(or thrmit) which burns ferociously and dumps out a stream of molten iron.

I also tried this back in Jr. High.  Even with a propane tourch I could
not get the mixture to light.  It would glow from the heat but not light.  
What mixture did you use and how did you light it?   I ended up using
my iron oxide when I planted a redwood tree since someone told me that
they grew better or were redder with lots of iron oxide in the soil.

   -- Vince