Subject: Atlan Formularies
Date: 1 Mar 90 10:29:51 GMT

A phone call to home, a book of the shelf, and I have the number.

      Atlan Formularies   (Kurt Saxon  doing business as)
      (501) 743-2700

They sell a set of books called "The Poor Man's James Bond" which have 
interesting phyrotechnic information.  There are 3 volumes at about
$17 each I think.  They also sell "Grandads Wonderful Book of Chemistry"
which is the best as far as fireworks (I think).  

Each of these is a full sized 8.5 x 11 book with 300 to 400 pages (I
think).  Much of the stuff was originally published in other sources
(such as "Improvised Munitions Black Book" or Encyclopedias of long

Besides Lindsay Publications Inc, what other sources of information are
out there?

    -- Vince