Comments about my Toe File

From lolag
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 88 14:29:52 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: wow...]`
I just read your toe file... the WHOLE THING.
So these are the 4th of July parties you were telling me about? I'm surprised
you haven't been blinded or worse by all of this.
And what is that question mark for at the end? You mean there's MORE???
From pyrodex (Scott Peterson)
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 88 21:31:42 pdt
To: spcecdt
Subject: WOW!!!!
I just (finally) read your tow file. VERY impressive (and I thought _I_ was
a pyro). I remember being told by my 7th grade science teacher that I would
never live to see my 21st b-day... she wouldn't have given you 15 years. I have
a question though; I have Iodine crystals (I heard about the amonia mixture last Summer)
. I can't get them to detonate with ammonia. I recently read that what you r
really need is Nitric Iodine... your essay disagrees. Whats the deal?
Anyway, I still want to see your program, my phone # is 458-2817 (Scott);
I live in Crown/Merrill apts 1131. Either call me or let me know when you can
go to the CC.
I said that I had an idea for a large bomb... I take that back (in light of
reading your toe); it is a small bomb... but I want to video tape it anyway.
I have longed to have the chance to play with flash powder; do you have
any up here?
Well, it seems we have a lot in common, so I am eager to talk sometime,
give me a call :-)
From britz (sex maniac with a staplegun...)
Date: Sun, 15 May 88 23:12:03 pdt
To: spcecdt
Subject: WOW!!!
Your toe file finally ended!
From spcecdt
To: britz
Subject: Re: WOW!!!
heh heh... I did get kinda carried away didn't I? I spent most of my
Spring break writing that. It's about twenty times longer than anything I've
written before... one of these days I'm going to have to look through it
again; that's actually the draft!
Hope you don't think I'm too, ah, *odd* now... ;-]
From horny (Michael Kaye)
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 88 15:14:05 pdt
To: spcecdt
Subject: Your toe file
Everyone I run accross, I reccomend your toe file to.
Here's one happy customer.
From chopin (Toshiro Kendrick Ohsumi)
To: horny
Subject: Spcecdt's toe file...
>From chopin Tue Jul 19 11:11:26 1988
From chopin (Toshiro Kendrick Ohsumi)
To: horny
Subject: Addemdum...
I do not think I want to meet this guy on the 4th of July...
From blank (John Weber)
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 88 10:32:31 pdt
To: spcecdt
Subject: Re: my toe file
Loved it... I think such a disclaimer would be wise,
from a legal standpoint... You should publish it!
From unknown (The Unknown User)
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 88 17:16:36 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: Hey
You have a GREAT toe file!
I was reading it for a HELL OF A LONG TIME and finally gave up and
I'll read the rest later!
How long is it by the way, in K?
And how long did it take you to write it?
STEEL SODA CANS? I've been thinking of that since I read that...
Comon, haven't they been aluminum forEVER? (not literally obviously)
But I think someone told me you're a senior here, so only about
2 years older than I am unless you're some kind of older person returning
to school....So when were steel soda cans around?!
From spcecdt Mon Nov 14 17:44:01 1988
To: unknown
Subject: Re: Hey
Heh heh... glad you liked it! It's 135K, 1900 lines. I had the first
chapter done early this year, then spent most of my Spring break writing the
rest. Talked to my friends on the phone for long periods getting some of the
details straight, reviewed the slides I've taken over the years, etc.
I'm a senior, true, and I've only been out of college for a year since
high school, and for that matter I got out of HS two years early... but, I've
been in college for a long time ('bout 7 years now), mostly diddling around.
So yes, I remember when almost everything came in steel cans. Beer cans were
the first to go, then more and more soda cans... I remember when the only steel
ones left were Hawaiian Punch, and I stocked up since I knew they'd go
eventually too. And they did. But since then I've found one brand of foriegn
beer, and other non-beverage cans, that are the right diameter.
From ellen (60261000)
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 88 17:34:58 pst
To: spcecdt
Subject: wow!
that toe file is 80 screens long!!!
but it made very interesting reading!
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