Slide Cube Projector Gears!

Yes, a web page just about those dang plastic gears used in Slide Cube projectors. Sigh!

I'm referring to the reduction gear (a gear that has two sets of teeth, one small and one large) that transmits power from the slide changer motor to the carousel (the large plastic circle that has for square spaces for slides around its perimeter). This is every Slide Cube projector's Achilles' heel. Most often, the smaller part of the gear, which drives the carousel, wears away until the projector no longer functions. It seems very unfortunate that this gear was made of plastic.

I encountered this problem in 1993, when my 13-year-old projector died. A post in (which existed by that name at the time) got me another projector, which I retrieved the gear from. Later research indicates that this is the most common cause of death of Slide Cube projectors. This web page and an occasional web search has brought me in touch with various other people who have encountered the Gear Problem.

UT Photo in Burbank, CA used to sell the gear, but no longer offer the gear alone because they had too many customers who experienced further problems after replacing the gear. However, they will give a quote for repair including replacing the gear. The telephone number 323-245-6631; ask for Ron.

Sources for the Reduction Gear

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