Slide Cubes

This page is meant to serve as a resource for people using & repairing Slide Cube projectors.

I like the slide cube projectors despite their idiosyncrasies, mainly because the cubes are very space efficient and make it easy to shuffle slides. Here's a comparison of the slide cube and carousel projection schemes.

Others' experiences with projector maintenance:

Here are some places that will repair Slide Cube projectors:

Expect to pay $70-$110.
An alternative is to buy a used slide cube projector. They're easy to find on ebay. HOWEVER, be aware that a slide cube projector that is sold as fully functional may die shortly after you start using it! I've had this happen - a projector worked just fine for a few cubes' worth of slides, and then failed. Examination showed that it had the gear problem. My guess is that the projector had laid unused for decades, during which time the gear plastic aged, so that it was guaranteed to fail after minimal use.

Electrical schematic for a slide cube projector, along with some description of how the projector works.

Slide Cube parts - projectors, cubes, repair parts, manuals, etc.

As a result of this web page, I've gotten a pretty regular stream of mail about Slide Cube projectors. I have therefore started a Slide Cube mailing list, for discussion of anything involving Slide Cube projectors - operation/repair tips, offers of items for sale, requests for advice, information on availability of parts, cubes, and used projectors, etc. You can subscribe yourself to the list. This is a closed list; only mailing list members can post to it. The volume is quite low, as you can see from the archives.

Slide Cube Mailing List Archives

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