Microwave Communications Attempts

From spcecdt Sat May 30 21:47:05 1992
From: spcecdt@deeptht.santa-cruz.ca.us (John DuBois)
To: barryf@sco.com, belal@sco.com
Subject: Re: 3com cards
Cc: johnd@sco.com
Date: Sat, 30 May 92 21:47:05 PDT

     We're working on a microwave system to link our house network to the
network of another house 800 meters away.  Each house currently has about
a half dozen machines on its Ethernet, and each has one of what as far as
I know are the two major public-access (no charge) UNIX systems in Santa
Cruz, deeptht and gorn.  A lot of traffic goes between gorn and deeptht
each day (part of the News for one thing!), and in general it would just
be fun to connect them (xtrek, etc :-)
     We got a 10.2 GHz audio link up the day we found line-of-sight
between the houses, using a modified microwave people detector for the
transmitter (about 15 mW output) and a modified radar detector as the
receiver.  For the actual link we're trying to get surplus 24 GHz
transceivers.  The Ethernet interfaces and 10 Mbps modems will be of our
own design.  We hope to operate under FCC regs part 15 which allows very
low emissions without a license (so that computers and such don't have
to be licensed).  We will probably end up using 1 mW or so with 1-meter
dishes at each end.
     Hopefully, once we have the hardware working, we'll be able to
convince CATS and UCSC to let us put a transceiver on one of the buildings
at UCSC and connect it to the campus net (the other house has line-of-sight
to various buildings at UCSC).

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