Early attempts at getting an IP connection

From scruz!ucscb.ucsc.edu!matthew Mon Nov  9 21:28:41 1992
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 92 21:00:04 -0800
From: Matthew Kaufman <matthew@ucscb.ucsc.edu>
To: spcecdt@armory.com
Subject: at echo st.
Status: O

we are pretty seriously considering going in together on getting
a 14.4kbps slip connection (dialup, 24 hours/day, 365+ days/year) to
netcom. that's $750 to set up (plus a modem at our end) and $160/month
(+$15 or so for a phone line)
would you (and/or the rest of the armory network) be interested in
getting a SLIP connection to us (to be replaced by microwave when its
working) and helping to split the costs somewhat?
(i'm sure we can find enough PC's and ethernet cards to be routers,
 and an extra phone line here would be too hard to get)

From scruz!ucscb.ucsc.edu!matthew Tue Nov 10 01:55:58 1992
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 92 01:23:40 -0800
From: Matthew Kaufman <matthew@ucscb.ucsc.edu>
To: spcecdt@armory.com
Subject: Re: at echo st.
Status: O

okay, well I will get the information about news feeds (though, once we
have a connection on the net, we can find other site to feed us... hal.com,
apple.com, or perhaps even darkstar)
and more info about specific details from netcom.
can you try to get a rough idea of about how much money you could
comfortably come up with and would seem reasonable to help out with
the netcom charges?

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