Invite to the Armory Eighth Februrary Birthday Party

                 Announcing the Imminent Instantiation
                               of the
                 Eighth Armory February Birthday Party

     Eighth?!  Can it be that that this previously unremarkable structure has
kept the rain and meteorites off of our heads for eight terayears?!  Well, no,
actually.  The fatalists amongst you probably don't believe that this abode
will even exist in eight terayears, much less still be providing warmth and
personal space for any of those who first occupied said domicile, or at least,
first called it The Armory.
     BUT, meanwhile, off in one of my other assorted cortexes, the span of time
that I meant to refer to was eight terrayears, until I realized that that too
was wrong, because presumptuously enough we had that first party only a month
after we moved in (but not quite presumptously enough to have referred to it as
the “First Annual Armory Party”).  So we've only been here seven terrayears.  I
think.  In fact, I've done it on my dextromanipulators now, several times over,
so I'm beginning to feel somewhat comfortable in that statement.
      Thus, seven it is.  Seven long years.  Yep, seven.  Now, the all
important question is: What theme could the house inspire us with after having
nurtured us for all that time (that's *seven* in human years!)  And the answer
is: OPTICS!  No, I don't know exactly why either.  Ask the house!  Sheesh!
Fortunately, the interpretation of the theme was left to us, and we're leaving
it to you.  The overall sense of this theme will be lightly hinted at by the
ambient activation energy for assorted optic effects which we will be providing
at or about 250 nm, absolutely FREE of charge!  But wait, there's more!  For
those sensitive souls who feel that this subtle, elegant means of powering
passive displays is trying to burn its way to their occiputs by way of their
optic nerves, areas of illumination at more mundane frequencies will be
     Bring your WBLs, your fluorescent underwear and phosphorescent hairdos,
your lasers (subcauterizing power levels only, please), your night-vision
headwear, your shimmering gizmos and diffracting whatchamacallits and
polarizing thingemebobs.  EXTRA GRADE-AA SPECIAL BONUS for anyone who brings
food or drink that fluoresces perceptibly.  Except tonic water.  We already
know about that and will have lots of it, so there.  In lieu of other such
comestibles, also appreciated will be things to MIX with tonic water (while
retaining its potability and entertaining characteristics, thus most likely
“pretty-much-transparent tasty non-toxic liquids”), along with the skill to do
      Try your hand at Black Light Ping-Pong!  Gaze in awestruck ambivalence at
the toe that our upper living room sprouted just after the last February
Birthday Party!  Speculate as to what it will grow after this one!  Search in
vain for any more substantive change in our lifestyle since you last inspected
it!  Flee in mute horror as old-time geeks regale each other with their
bitrot-bestrewn recollections about how much more interesting things used to
be!  Absorb the event so that you can one day regale others with your
embellished memories!  LOG IN and sit in ICB while the party mills about you
(if you can see your screen through the low contrast provided by its phosphors
being excited by a means their depositers never intended)!  Lie in one place
too long and have the giggling masses surreptitiously tack you to the floor
with the conveniently located sledgehammers and railroad spikes!  BE THERE or

When: Saturday, the Twenty-Fourth of February, Eight O'Clock Post Meridian.

In a flurry of photons,


  To get to The Armory: 

1a.  From Campus: Go down Bay to the first stoplight and turn right onto
Nobel Drive, which is actually the only way you can turn onto Nobel since if
you turn left you will be on Iowa Drive, and as they say, “Ni! Ni!” (Nobel Is
Not Iowa).
1b.  From Mission: Go up Bay to the stoplight just after the divided part and
turn left onto Nobel Drive, which is blah blah blah…

2.  Continue on Nobel until you come to McMillan Dr. and turn left onto it. 
(If you turn right you will be in someone's living room and The Armory will do
it best to weasel its way out of any responsibility whatsoever.)  The Armory is
on the right in the middle of the first block, #305.  It is a two-story house,
technically off-white with brown trim, but is actually of indeterminate color
during periods in which the Great Orange Sleeping Pill is below the horizon due
to the fact that the yard lamp has been set to “green” to help the especially
bwain-damaged find the place.  We know which side of the toast our friends are
buttered on.

Old clunky character-graphics map that has been made COOL and MODERN by
conversion to HTML (fire up those browsers NOW!):

                                                              | ^-- Campus
                                     Meder St.                |
                    /                                         |
                   /                                          | Bay St.
                  / Nobel Dr.                                 |
                 /                       Peach Terrace -> |   |
                /                                  104 -> |*  |
               /      That                    Nobel Dr.   |   |    Iowa Dr.
              /       Other_____              ----------------+----------------
             |        Place    |             /                | STOPLIGHT
             |                 V            /                 |
              \  Nobel Dr.    *I*          /                  |
               ---------------------------/                   |
                   | M         | S       |                    |
 The Armory ->  *A*| c         | e       |                    |
                   | M         | t       |                    |
                   | i         | o       | Alta               | Bay St.
      Donna Ct.    | l         | n       | Vista              |
     --------------| l         |         |                    |
                   | a         |         |                    |
                   | n      *H*|         |                    |
                   |         ^ Yet Another Place
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