A N   A R M O R Y   I N F O R M A L 

Announcing the Tenth Armory February Birthday Party

(Yes, Tenth!)

We're approaching the last week of February (at a rate of almost 86,400 seconds per day, Scientists tell us!), and you know what that means - an ARMORY PARTY! We have in fact resided at this abode for nine years now, which means that this is the tenth year in which we will host this event. If that confuses you, you're well prepared to argue senselessly about whether the Third Millenium Parties should occur on the eve of the year 2000 or 2001.

For this first instance of a month-spanning AFBP, the suggestion is made that guests don an attire that is informal in the extreme. For example, something you wouldn't want to take your grandmother out to dinner in, particularly if she's still alive. If your grandmother likes to be taken out to dinner in informal dress, complement her.

Dredge up those ratty old clothes, the t-shirts with grossly offensive messages on them, the excessively skimpy attire, even - don't read this backwards if you're easily revolted - stnirp naiiawaH. Put your hair up in a dreadful 'do, with a tint that can be excited by the Armory's excessive ultraviolet illumination.

1998-03-01 04:00:00 UTC through
Eckpth! Sorry, too many Y2K/ ISO8601 compliance issues at work. Restart.
8PM on Saturday February 28th 1998 through the wee hours of March 1st. If'n the hours be gettin' not so wee on the first of March and you're still here, be it known that you'll be a party to carrying on a tradition. Just so's y' know and can plan accordingly.
The Armory. If you need any further details than that (ptui!), one must wonder just where you have been.
An excuse to clean up the house. You always suspected; now you know.


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