Invite to the Ninth Armory Party

From spcecdt Fri Feb 21 04:20:53 1992
From: (John DuBois)
To: party
Subject: Armory Party!
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 92 4:20:53 PST


John DuBois
The Armory
305 McMillan Dr., Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel: 408 458-9347


           Version 9.0 destined to be most fun party yet
	             for Armory Party users

SANTA CRUZ, CA (February 21, 1992) — The Armory today announced the
upcoming release of Version 9.0 of Armory Party.  As the latest release of
the Armory's proven Party event for all types of users, Version 9.0 offers
better socializing and more interesting comestibles than ever before
available.  Version 9.0 has also been optimized in many other ways to
improve entertainment value to partygoers.

As one of the leading Party events for Santa Cruz area users, this event
has gained the support of more partygoers than any other in its class.
Armory founder John DuBois said, ``Version 9.0 of Armory Party is the
most anticipated party the Armory has ever offered.  Its development
history and keenly anticipated release reinforce the Armory's position as
the best choice for Party events.''

Development History

Armory Party has been developed over the last three years to be a unique
event.  Armory Party 1.0 was released barely a month after the founding
of the Armory, and yet attracted unprecedented support from Santa Cruz area
users.  The releases since then have enjoyed ever increasing popularity.

Keenly Anticipated Release

The Armory has historically come out with three party releases per year.
However, market conditions over the last year convinced the Armory that
the time was not appropriate for a major Party release.  A number of minor
releases including various potlucks and movie nights did nothing to quell
the anticipation that has been building since last February.

Pricing and Availability

Version 9.0 of Armory Party will be available tomorrow (Saturday Feb. 
21) starting at approximately 8 P.M. in a format suitable for enjoyment by
partygoers of all persuasions.  There is no charge for Armory Party, but
the Armory suggests a contribution of food, drink, or anything else
appropriate to the revelry.

The Armory

The Armory is a privately leased house widely recognized as the user's
choice for Party events.  Founded in 1989, Armory events have attracted
interest throughout the West Coast.
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