Invite to the Eighth Armory Party

From spcecdt Tue Feb 19 20:30:14 1991
From: (John DuBois)
To: /dev/null
Subject: Armory Party!
Bcc: party
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 91 20:30:14 PST

I. Introduction

     It'ssssssss.... the Eighth Armory Party!  And not only that, it's the
Third Armory February Birthday Party!  And the Second Anniversary of the
First Armory Party!  And the First Anniversay of the Second Armory February
Birthday Party!  But, that's not all!  If you come to this party, you can
also celebrate my birthday (spcecdt: Feb. 24th) and Irene's (pax: Feb. 27th).
But wait, there's more!  It's also in celebration of the birthdays of Tejas
(tejase: Feb 26th) and Chris (jedi: Feb. 25th).  AND, if you act now, you
can also celebrate the birthdays of Dawn (spirit: Feb 13th), and, if they
show up, Penguin (penny: Feb. 20th) and Alex (alexr: Feb 26th).  In fact,
this invite can be considered first notice to the abovementioned persons
that their birthdays are liable to be celebrated here, so they should durn
well come to the party!

II. Theme

     OK, someone came up with another thought for a theme, so we're going
to have one, and most of you are as usual going to ignore it.  What is it?
It's a Come As You Aren't Party!  For the slow-thinking or overly rational
amongst you, that means that if you usually come in black, dress in white
this time (what, you don't have any white clothes?  Well GO BUY SOME! 
It's an ARMORY PARTY, eh?!)  If you usually come scantily clad, arrive
fully dressed (hey, you can always take it off later if it gets too hot
:-)  If you usually attire yourself in assorted solid bright colors, wear
drab plaid (Note: this directive is included mainly for completeness.  It
is not seriously expected to be complied with.)  If you're one of those
Suit People, throw on some dingy old work clothes.  If there is a 99.6%
probability that at any particular party, your midriff and only your
midriff will be exposed, come with only your midriff covered.  Welll,
wait.  That might be a bit chilly.  Think of something, hmm?  You get the

III. Loci:

     Time: Saturday, Febrary 23rd, 1991 A.D.; 3-space: the Armory (305
McMillan Dr., off of Nobel, off of Bay, off of Mission, offal, offbeat,
offend, offhand.)  Why February 23rd?  Because my scheme for insuring that
February 24th would be on a Saturday this year (which has worked for the
last two years) fell through.  It came close (Sunday) but not close
enough.  Of course, I could claim I was actually aiming for Sunday, and
have it then, but that wouldn't work well for people who have to Do Things
Monday morning (ick!) so I hereby admit that I screwed up, with the result
that we will simply have to have our party on the 23rd this year.  Actually,
a good part of the party will take place post-midnight anyway, so you can
actually WATCH me grow a YEAR older before your very eyes! Just don't
expect me to act any more mature :-)

IV. What To Bring

     Yourself, food, drink, instruments (musical or otherwise).

V. Other Interminable Jabber, Map, Etc.

     In the "as-you-aren't" spirit, this invite will not go on forever and
include the self-proclaimed "humorously annotated" map that you all know
and loath.  If you want it, it's in ~spcecdt/public/armory_map on ucscb,
~spcecdt/text/chargr/armory_map on deeptht, and ~johnd/text/armory_map on

     Come.  Exist.  Intermingle.  See.  Celebrate.  Recover.

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