Second Armory February Birthday Party

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 90 23:49:21 -0800
From armoror (Space Cadet)
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     It's YAAP!  Yet Another Armory Party!  Fifth in that sequence of
unforgettable occasions (assuming you don't count all the impromptu parties :-)
What is this one in celebration of?  My, they forget so easily!  It was last
February 24th that the Armory had its first party, the Quintuple Bday Party!
So, this party is obviously to celebrate the birthdays of some of those same
five people, and a half dozen or so others while we're at it.  It is also, of
course, to celebrate the First Anniversary of that party!  After all, it's said
that during that one, worlds collided, stars went supernova, quasars and black
holes annihilated each other, etc. (but it's said mainly by the Armorites
     This year's birthdayites are John/spcecdt (Feb. 24th), Dierdre/siona (Feb.
24th), Irene/pax (Feb. 27th), Tejas/tejas (Feb. 26th), Chris/jedi (Feb. 25th), 
Alicia/vague, (Feb. 11th), Dawn/spirit (Feb. 13th), Alex/alexr (Feb. 26th), and 
Verna (Feb. 20th).  Note that some of the above have not actually been informed
that their bdays are being celebrated... won't they be THRILLED??? :-)
     Theme?  We don't need no steenkin' theme!  But, on the other hand, it
couldn't hurt, so this, like the first one, is to be a Black & White party. 
But, THIS one is DIFFERENT and ORIGINAL!  You can wear Formal Black & White, or
informal Black & White, or just Black, or just White!  Just so long as they're
all solids.  No black & white patterns, and especially, no really really fine
black and white patterns, for example, gray.  And no colors either (everyone 
knows black and white aren't colors).  No, no, no.  Unless, like Matthew, you
really positively can't help it.
  *  Please bring fud & drink.  Bring your instruments if you feel like it.  
  *  Please reply only to me!  Use the r/R that is appropriate to your mailer.
  *  If you fall off the edge of the kitchen, it's your own look-out.  We'll
probably put some mattresses at the bottom, but if for some odd reason your
balance comes to be impaired at this party, you should stay away from the edge.
     Further notes:  We have grossly anal-retentive neighbors, so...
  a) We are going to try to keep things inside.
  b) We will have music but not too loud.
  c) PLEASE do not park on McMillan.  According to the landlord he gets calls
     from the neighbors when the street is filled up by partyers.  Park on 
     Nobel and walk down; it is a very short distance.
  d) No flame throwers will be allowed in the back yard.  The neighbors
     complained to our landlord about them after that last party (yes,
     seriously), and anyway the grass isn't out of control like it was then.

     Oh, uh, yeah, btw, I suppose I should mention that this is all to occur
on the night of Saturday, February 24th, starting around 8, so that I don't
get 150 whine-mail messages asking when it is like I usually do.

     To get to The Armory: 
     From Campus: Go down Bay to the first stoplight and turn right onto Nobel
Dr., which is actually the only way you can turn onto Nobel since if you turn
right you will be on Iowa Dr.  Continue on Nobel until you come to McMillan Dr.
and turn left onto it.  (If you turn right you will be in someone's living room
and The Armory will not be held liable.)  The Armory is on the right in the
middle of the first block, #305.  It is a two-story house, off-white with brown
trim, and an Automatic Yard Light(tm) with a bulb in it that I may change to
some interesting color to help the especially bwain-damaged find the place.
Please do not fall in the gaping trench that we have been working on for the
last 13 months and haven't gotten around to filling in yet since your insurance
company will end up hating you because they won't get a penny out of us.
Humorously annotatted map follows.

                                                           | ^-- Campus
                                  Meder St.                |
                    /                                      |
                   /                                       | Bay St.
                  / Nobel Dr.                              |
                 /                                         |
                /                                          |
               /      That                      Nobel Dr.  |    Iowa Dr.
              /       Other_____              -------------+----------------
             |        Place    |             /  various    | STOPLIGHT
             |                 V            /   other      |
              \  Nobel Dr.    *I*          /    places     |
               ---------------------------/     of no      |
                   | M         | S       |      consequence|
 The Armory ->  *A*| c         | e       |                 |
 305 McMillan Dr.  | M         | t       |                 |
                   | i         | o       | Alta            | Bay St.
      Donna Ct.    | l         | n       | Vista           |
     --------------| l         |         |                 |
                   | a         |         |                 |
                   | n      *H*|         |                 |
                   |         ^ Yet Another Place

From ssyx! (Sean Eric Fagan)
To: deeptht!
Subject: Re: birthday party
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 90 23:59:10 PST

Yes, but what *kind*?!

Also, if I can find something like a Carvel's in Santa Cruz (I'll
ask around), I can get them to do the cake up custom; what best
represents an armory?  (So I'm ignorant... 8-))

From ssyx! (Sean Eric Fagan)
To: deeptht!
Subject: Re: birthday party
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 90 18:26:51 PST

Ok.  Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, vanilla icing (for variety 8-)).
In the shape of a cannon, although I had a hard time convincing them
I was serious 8-).  Says "Happy Birthday Armorers."

It will serve "16-24" people, so I'll pick it up right before I come to
the party (7:30ish Saturday).  Sound good?

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