Invite to the Armory Founding First Anniversary Party

[ nocturnal cuisine ] Message #208 (last) Mon Jan 8, 1990 11:45pm
From: Fud! (armoror@ucscb.UCSC.EDU)
Subject: mini-armory-party

     this saturday.  In recognition of the first anniversary of the formation
of the Armory on January 12, 1989.  "Mini" in sense that I'm not mailing out
invites... I don't want this to detract in any way from the next real, 
Mega-Armory-Party(tm) on February 24th.  But it has been said that Mega-Armory-
Party is redundant, perhaps even triply so  :-)  so I'm sure a good time will
be had by all.
    But I *am* going to save the way-cool plasticware and paper napkins I
bought for the ultrabdayparty.
    Time: 8:00PM.  Observe the usual A-Party ettiquete.  Just to be different,
dress if white if you have it.  If not, at least be monochrome (that means
*uniformly* monochrome Matthew!  :-)
    BRING FUD & DRINK!  Even potluck style dishes.
    Geez, writing it up on the fly... not my usual style.  Oh well... this *is*
'spozed to be different... :-)

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