Invite to the Fourteenth Armory February Party

Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 03:12:13 -0800
From: "John H. DuBois III"
To: party
Subject: The Armory Party will have been a blast from the...

The Armory's Fourteenth Annual February Birthday Party will have been held on
Saturday, February 23rd, 2002, starting at 8 o'clock PM.  YOU will have been
invited, and indeed will have felt compelled to attend after having perused the
silly message that constituted said invite.

The theme will have been: The Future.  For ideas on how to comport oneself
according to this theme, you will have wished to have slipped ahead a bit
corporeally or otherwise - a few years will have been sufficient, given
humanity's rapid acceleration toward the Singularity.  If you will not happened
to have had a gift for precognition, actual time travel, or precise
supratemporal simulation (ah, you will be having recalled the notions of
theoretical limits to knowledge that had once held sway!), you will have felt
free to have speculated, or alternately have selected a vision of the Future
from the past.

If you will have needed directions, this will have been resolved by mailing me,
or by having pointed a (does this not have induced a snicker?) "browser" at the

Having felt a bit unpinned,

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