The Second Armory Party

From spcecdt Mon Sep 11 22:07:54 1989
To: everyone

     Yes, it's Revenge of the Armory!  The Second Armory Party, to be known as
the Anti-Wall Party!  Why?  Because we removed the railing from the upper
level of the Armory, and the wall from the room next to the kitchen!  What a
feat of daring eh?  So now you can FALL OFF of the open, unbarricaded, virtual
PRECIPICE that exists between the kitchen and living room!  Even better, you
can walk UNIMPEDED from the terminal room, through the SLIDING DOOR into the
kitchen, and off the cliff onto the large mattress and sofa that have been
cunningly placed at the bottom to soften the fall of tipsy, er, tipped
revelers!  AMAZING isn't it?!
     Of course, after all that, I should note that it is possible that the
latest Armoress may show up before the party, in which case we'll have to
return the wall since it's part of her room...
     Please bring fud & drink.
     Further notes:  We have grossly anal-retentive neighbors, so...
a) We are going to try to keep things inside.
b) We may have music but not sooper-loud (shouldn't be too difficult since not
a single stereo exists in this place :-)
c) PLEASE do not park on McMillan.  According to the landlord he gets calls
from the neighbors when the street is filled up by partyers.  Park on 
Nobel and walk down; it is a very short distance.

Inaccurate map follows.
If you reply to this *PLEASE* use 'R' not 'r'!


                                                           | ^-- Campus
                                  Meder St.                |
                    /                                      |
                   /                                       | Bay St.
                  / Nobel Dr.                              |
                 /                                         |
                /                                          |
               /      That                      Nobel Dr.  |    Iowa Dr.
              /       Other_____              -------------+----------------
             |        Place    |             /  various    | STOPLIGHT
             |                 V            /   other      |
              \  Nobel Dr.    *I*          /    places     |
               ---------------------------/                |
                   | M         | S       |                 |
 The Armory ->  *A*| c         | e       |                 |
 305 McMillan Dr.  | M         | t       |                 |
                   | i         | o       | Alta            | Bay St.
      Donna Ct.    | l         | n       | Vista           |
     --------------| l         |         |                 |
                   | a         |         |                 |
                   | n      *H*|         |                 |
                   |         ^ Yet Another Place

  To get to The Armory: 
  From Campus: Go down Bay to the first stoplight and turn left onto Nobel Dr.,
which is actually the only way you can turn onto Nobel since if you turn right
you will be on Iowa Dr.  Continue on Nobel until you come to McMillan Dr. and
turn left onto it.  (If you turn right you will be in someone's living room
and The Armory will not be held liable.)  The Armory is on the right in the
middle of the first block, #305.  It is a two-story house, off-white with brown
trim, and an Automatic Yard Light(tm) that I finally put a bulb in last week
after living here for 9 months.
From matthew Sat Sep 16 20:21:45 1989
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 89 20:21:43 -0700
To: queue, spcecdt
Subject: armory

ou -a | grep -i armory
Sat Sep 16 11:19 -- jenalen is probably going to the Armory tonight.
Sat Sep 16 19:27 -- liz is at the ARMORY!
Sat Sep 16 20:20 -- matthew is here, but going to be at the armory soon
Sat Sep 16 16:39 -- omni is at the Armory
Sat Sep 16 20:19 -- queue is home. but going to the armory soon.
Fri Sep 15 01:48 -- spcecdt is at the Armory. 

almost like a gathering or something
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