DeepThought Goes Multiuser

From spcecdt Sat Jun 16 14:41:42 1990
From: (John DuBois)
To: clueles@b, fujiko@b, horny@b, ixanian@sco, karp@b, lucifer@b, omni@b, spiff@b
Subject: Your accounts are up!
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 90 14:41:42 PDT

     Sorry it took so long... I was preparing deeptht for "real users" :-)
The phone number is 423-4810; 300-2400b, 8data/1stop/no parity.  I suggest
you log in soon to change your password.  If you have forgotten the password
you asked for send me mail asking for a new passord.  You all have csh as your
login shell; the testmail sent to you has a rambling dissertation on the
virtues of ksh...
     The News will be up within a week.  If there are any particular groups
you want mail me asking for them.  deeptht will also carry pyrotech@deeptht as
a newsgroup.
     Have fun!

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