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From ucscc!ucscb.UCSC.EDU!liz Sat Oct 28 00:38:58 1989
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 89 00:09:27 -0700
From: ucscc!ucscb.UCSC.EDU!liz (the REAL Liz)
To: sco!davidv
Subject: Re:  For John: READ NOW!
Cc: spcecdt@g.UCSC.EDU

     I went down and handed my resume to Regina Monday; got a postcard from
SCO today saying "we are considering your application for current opennings".
Is that a good sign, or would they have called me if they were really
interested?  They called Irene the other day.  Let me know what you think
(mail me at spcecdt@g).  Thanks for the job listings!

From sco!davidv@ucscc.UCSC.EDU
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 89 11:28:08 -0800
To: ucscg!spcecdt@ucscc.UCSC.EDU
Subject: your application

well, up until friday, my manager was in london, so i don't think
he's had a chance to look at the application you put in. you might
wanna make a followup call to SCO, and find out what's going on. i
think you have a good shot at getting a job. i see if i can talk to
markr about it.

good luck!


From spcecdt Wed Nov  8 22:58:54 1989
To: barryc@sco.com
Subject: jobs

      Hi.  This is John DuBois; I talked to you about a position in support
yesterday.  I have not heard from your secretary, so I am mailing you as you
suggested.  Please let me know what my current status is.  Thank you.

	John DuBois
From sco!barryc@ucscc.UCSC.EDU
To: ucscg.UCSC.EDU!spcecdt@ucscc.UCSC.EDU
Subject: jobs
Cc: sheilafr@ucscc.UCSC.EDU
Date: Thu Nov  9 09:47:34 1989

I'll check into why you haven't been called yet.  She may have tried to
call and couldn't get through to you.  If you mail sco!sheilafr the times
your available, she may be able to set up the interview through e-mail.
From spcecdt Thu Nov  9 12:32:10 1989
To: sheilafr@sco.com
Subject: jobs

     Hi.  barryc told me I should email you to allow an interview to be set
up; he is looking at me for a job in support.  I am available for an 
interview at any time (sooner is better).  My phone # is 458-9347; I also
read mail from this account regularly.  Thank you.

	John DuBois
From smq Mon Nov 13 21:17:15 1989
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 89 21:17:11 -0800
To: liz
Subject: John

barry showed me your resume and asked me who you were and whether
they should hire you.  I think if you got past the secretaries
you're pretty much automatically hired..

From smq Wed Nov 15 19:41:44 1989
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 89 19:41:40 -0800
To: liz
Subject:   "

they sent a letter to a couple people appreciating any information 'about'
you that we could provide.  weird.
[ whine ] Message 3406: Sat Nov 18 1989 2:50am
From: Zaphod, Galactic Prez   Fugitive Galactic Prez (liz@ucscb)
Subject: well, gosh

     I suppose I should mention at this juncture that I got a call from SCO
today (someone whose name I recognized for some reason).  They're working on
an offer for me, and wanted references (hmm, Dennie and who else?  :-)  They're
going to check out the references on Monday and get back to me.  Looks like 
I'll be in Support.  Wheeee!  Now all I need is a '486 EISA to run 3.2 on...
[ whine ] Message 3407: Sat Nov 18 1989 2:55am
From: frederick smythe, esquire (falcon@ucscb)
Subject: my god

i better go lock my office door.

and fireproof it too.
[ whine ] Message 3408: Sat Nov 18 1989 2:58am
From: mike (horny@ucscb)
Subject: ^^^

That is really really really fantastic news.  I should have added
a few more reallys.  Congrats John!  Now you'll have money
for uh, fun toys  :)   You just might end up with another famous John Du Bois
melted hair do and eyebrow combo.
I always try to see the bright side of things.
From dennie@ucsce.UCSC.EDU (Dennie Van Tassel, x2578)
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 89 12:34:05 -0800
To: spcecdt@ucscb.UCSC.EDU
Subject: SCO recommendation

i got a call from SCO about you and
 gave you a good recommendation.
asking for a recommendation often happens right
 before they hire you.
thought you would like to know.
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