'486 Overclocking

[ appliance ] Message 721: Sun Nov 24, 1991  3:32am
From: Zaphod, Galactic Prez (spcecdt@ucscb)
Subject: new appliances at the Armory

     A 486 heatsink and 40 MHz oscillator module, the essential components
for turning deeptht into a 486/40!  And they worked!  Yow! 
     Gee, I'm glad I turned my friend in PG on to the 486 motherboard deal I
found.  He got an engineering sample of two 486 heatsinks (one for his machine,
one for mine).  The good ones are actually quite expensive.  He also went out
and bought a new oscillator for his machine, and picked up one for me too. 
Very nice of him :-)
     One of the things that made me buy this 'board was that it (and its 12 nS
cache) let you use it at up to 50 MHz, if you can find a 486 that will do it. 
A simple benchmark revealed that its performance now is indeed much higher, at
least for CPU intensive operations (it was running a 33 MHz before).
     So, I get to live near the "high end", if only briefly :-)
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